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  1. Great that it is now working on new gmail.
  2. Great to see that tags are now available in this beta, a great improvement on the previous version, long overdue but looking good.
  3. You could this Chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/evernote-shortcuts/clhjalfedcigiomjfmmjhgadnlmegobb though not sure if it works with the new web version for business
  4. Download it from this link https://crx.dam.io/ext/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc.html It comes as a zip file: 1. Open the zip file, select all the files in the zip and copy them to a new folder, remember where the folder is and what you called it. 2. Uninstall any Evernote Clipper extension from Chrome. 3. In a new Chrome window type chrome://extensions/ > Enter 4. Click on "Load Unpacked" at the top of the page then select the folder you have just created with the extracted zip files in it 5. The extension should then install into Chrome It worked
  5. I put in a support ticket about this and was told the following: "Thanks for reaching out to us at Evernote Support. I understand that after the latest update to Web Clipper, the options to search for a specific notebook to send clipped content as well as the keyboard shortcut to select a notebook in Clipper are not appearing. I wanted to let you know that the latest version of Clipper is running on a brand new engine and was completely rewritten to optimize its performance on this engine. This is the reason these options were removed. I want to be sure to tell you that I have documented
  6. Thank you for your response. Sync is set to 5 minutes. Oddly enough I have been trying to reproduce this again and now EN appears to be behaving itself correctly. At the time I had the issue I was creating several notes with tables and pasting text into some cells and typing text into other cells. I have been doing this again today and the error is not happening. All I can do is see how this goes now.
  7. On this release I am finding that whilst I am entering text into a note the note is almost instantly syncing and when this occurs the note list jumps back to the very top note, I am then having to scroll down to the note to continue. It is making it impossible to do any continual text entries, at the moment I am having to open the note in another window. I can't find any way to turn off instant sync, but in any case the jumping about in the notes list shouldn't occur.
  8. Yes it's broken. I put in a support ticket about this and got the stock reply that it has been passed to the developers and I will have to use a workaround. I have in the last few months put in 5 support tickets for broken things and every one of them has been passed to the developers with no indication of when they will be fixed. Evernote support is becoming a joke.
  9. Together with all the other broken things in Android, Windows and Web apps I see this as just another retrograde step introduced by Evernote. I now have to scroll down all my notebooks to find the one I want to clip to, no autocomplete and no keyboard shortcut. Added to that I notice that the notebook list is not even in alphabetical order. Will someone from Evernote reply to this and explain why? I won't hold my breath.
  10. I found a workaround, I have to have my display setting at 125% otherwise everything is too small for me to focus on. If set at that I have problems with the ruled lines. I solved it by doing the following: Right click the Evernote icon on your desktop (not a shortcut). Select properties then Compatibility tab. Check the box "Overide High Scaling DPI behavior". In the drop down under "Scaling performed by" select System. Quit Evernote, make sure it has fully exited (or restart your computer) Open Evernote and the rules should now be working OK
  11. Sadly the Web platform for Evernote appears to be neglected, despite the promise of great things to come over the next few months (back in 2016 that was), nothing is forthcoming. I have asked questions about what is happening with the EN Web but total silence from Evernote on this, looks to me as though they don't even look at this forum anymore. It's not surprising though, they've made such a mess of the windows bug ridden platform that I no longer think they have any focus on where they are going. It makes one wonder if I should trust my data to Evernote anymore, we all might wake up one mor
  12. So is anyone from Evernote going to respond and let us know what is happening with the Evernote Web? As I said the silence is deafening.
  13. Tried some other options. If I lose an image then go to the web client the image is still intact in the note which means the image is presumably there but not visible in the note on the windows client. So I tried completely exiting Evernote windows then opened it again and the image reappeared in the note.
  14. Been trying to reproduce this, it happens to any note when I drop and drag an image into it, I then rotate the image and it disappears. If I add the image using the "add attachment" option then it doesn't disappear. I can retrieve a lost image from note history.
  15. The randomly disappearing pictures occurs for me if I rotate one. I reported this in the beta release but not fixed in this GA release.
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