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  1. I think the only source was copy/paste from emails, and I did that from outlook.com so it was material in a browser. Oh, and now I see there is other material copy/pasted from a web page, very likely from Chrome. But I do this kind of copy/paste all the time and never see this, so it had to be something special. I do notice that there is a url at the top of the note, and I'm not sure how that's used--perhaps the original note was created by web clipper? Or is that url at the top simply the first url placed into the note? That top url still appears in my recreated note though.
  2. Sure; nothing secret in this one. The problem went away when I re-created the note and moved only plain text over, washing it through Notepad. A direct copy/paste DID recreate the problem in the new note. Barclay UCF Teaching Mnote.enex
  3. Hi Guru Dave, Oh, it's been happening for weeks now. I restarted anyway and no change. Yes, something is stuck, but I don't know how to unstuck it. Corrupted note I guess. I re-created it by copying and pasting (match formatting) into a new note. Very weird.
  4. In Windows Evernote I'm in a note and the cursor is giving me the finger, that is, showing the finger/hand pointer even when I am not pointing to a link. The cursor works correctly as a text cursor but appears as a link pointer. I can right click and the "remove link" is grayed out indicating I am not over a link. When I click, the text cursor appears and the finger mouse pointer still shows. Anyone else? This appears to be only on some notes.
  5. In v6.0.3, I have a saved search that does: notebook:N1 -tag:Hidden which works to show all notes in N1 that do not have the tag "Hidden". When I then click in the Search Notes box, all of the notes disappear and it says "no matching notes found". It should of course keep displaying all of the same non-hidden N1 notes until I start typing a search term. Worse, when I type a search term, it finds nothing in the N1 notebook, thought it helpfully suggests OTHER notebooks where this search term appears. In the latest build of V5, something similar happens. I use the shortcut and see my N1 non-hidden notes as above. When I click in the search box, the notes are still displayed as they should be, but when I type a search term, nothing is found. This behavior does not happen when i start by clicking on the N1 notebook, displaying ALL notes in the notebook, and then type a search term. All works fine. With further testing, this seems to ONLY happen when the saved search includes a "notebook:xxx" term. If I use a "stack:yyy" then the problem does not occur. This is a workaround--create a stack with only that one notebook and it all works fine! The problem seems to be when trying to search WITHIN search results and and it seems to have happened with a recent update to v5, and now is carried into v6. This has all worked fine for years until very recently. BB
  6. OK, old thread but it was the discussion I'm looking for. Forgive me if I'm not understanding here, but when you bring a PDF into EN, by dragging it into a note or by using the web clipper and "save pdf" it embeds the entire pdf into the EN note. EN provides a viewer, so that when you look at the note you see the actual pdf contents, and there are some built in capabilities to annotate. I have used the annotations to mark my place in the file sometimes. The annotations are saved with the PDF (but not made a permanent part of the PDF--you can still print without them and so forth. However, if you double click the pdf (anywhere on it) EN launches the PDF in your default PDF reader, such as Adobe, Foxit, etc. In your reader, then you can do all kinds of other things like add PDF bookmarks. These are then saved in the PDF also, and saved back into EN when you exit. Thus it seems to me that EN is a VERY complete PDF manager. A non-Evernote solution you might want to look at is ReadCube which also has some kind of EN integration but I haven't investigated it completely. I echo the point that this is a user forum, and often those responding don't fully understand the question being asked, especially if they themselves do not use that part of EN. I read a lot of large PDFs too! BB
  7. I don't understand why this idea was more or less shouted down by a moderator via criticism of phrasing. Isn't the point of this forum to suggest and advocate for new ideas which are by definition opinions? This feature is a great idea, in MY opinion and I found this forum entry because I was searching for this function! I put many things in Evernote that I plan "to read" and one way of reading them is have them read out via text to speech while I'm driving or puttering around the house. So much the better if text from an included pdf or other attached file could be read out as well! I would also agree that this is probably fairly low on the effort scale for implementation, based on a few decades of software development experience. Just my opinion Any other +1's on this, or is there a workaround to accomplish it?
  8. +1 agree. Algorithm is fine, just allow override in the rare cases where it is appropriate. If I'm using a notebook as a bit of a catalog, I want multiple images in each note, but the main image is the one I want to see in snippet.
  9. I have the same need. I want to create an EN note from a Lotus Notes email. The reason that forwarding it to my EN email address doesn't meet the need is security. At least sometimes, the email is a company email and it needs to stay within the company email infrastructure and can't just be sent out to an outside email address (even one of mine). My intention is to copy the email to a LOCAL EN database. I have found that putting my EN database on a portable hard drive and taking it from computer to computer works fine. I do lose the ability to access those EN notes from my mobile or the web, but it's still good, and it meets corporate policy. So, anyone developed maybe a Lotus Notes script to create an EN Note from one (or multiple) emails, just like the Outlook add-in does? Thanks!
  10. I'm looking for exactly this too. I'm also an IBMer. Any input on how to do it? Thanks!
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