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  1. Scanning with scannable, or putting in a doxie scanner.
  2. I meant to add that if I print if from the screen, the receipt is GIANT rather than "receipt-size."
  3. Hi. I've been saving receipts for expenses to evernote. When I go to print a receipt, however, it wants to print on 11X14 paper, instead of normal 8.5X 11. How can I print normally?
  4. Thanks. It's web and windows (and OS at home!). Next time I think I will photograph the receipt as a business card; perhaps that will make it smaller when printing.
  5. Is there a way to shrink receipts? For my expenses, I took photos of receipts. Now I am trying to print them out, but each receipt is huge - like two pages. I'd like to be able to print them in actual, or near actual sizes. Thanks.
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