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  1. a fourth reason: 4.) It is much FASTER to type into the web client. The web client doesn't randomly pause or delay when typing, editing, copy/pasting, or moving the cursor around with the keyboard. Evernote is so SLOWWWW to type into now... WHY is this happening, guys?? **Quick tip: if you like Evernote's web client, you can turn it into an app with Fluid, a free tool. See here: http://fluidapp.com/ Enjoy!
  2. Hello DrLulz, While in presentation mode, right-click and select "Export Presentation as PDF". I am using Evernote on Mac OS X. -steve
  3. Exporting presentation as a PDF, very cool stuff. Thanks for implementing!-steve
  4. Gazumped: Thanks for your reply. I'll submit a feature request.
  5. I like Evernote presentation mode. ---> How can I share / print a slide deck? Print options don't seem to provide this. Do you have roadmap plans for that feature?
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