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  1. THANK YOU! A quick bit of searching shows I'm not the only one that got wiped out by Mavericks. I just assumed it was Steve Jobs ghost telling me to give up on SQL. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, In the past day or two, I've noticed Evernote is automatically replacing apostrophes (') with the left singleton (‘). While the distinction doesn't matter for notes and such, I keep SQL queries in evernote for later use and the singleton does not work. It is nearly imperceptible, so I haven't even figured out what triggers it. The case is: select name, address, whatever from table where name like 'P%' somehow becomes: select name, address, whatever from table where name like ‘P%' Most fonts don't make this clear at a smaller size, so hard to say what is triggering this. I typically use Helvetica Neue, not sure if that's related. I don't know when exactly this started, though I wonder if it was when I updated to the latest mac os, 10.9. If anyone has any suggestions how to make this come to an end, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, P.
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