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  1. I echo everything people state about frustration with EN on Windows. I use multiple devices and OSes. I often switch from Windows laptop, to OSX, to Note 4, to Note Tab 10.1. I dont mind different experience as long as my capabilities are the same. Not having native pen functionality on Windows Surface 3 bothers me a TON.
  2. Can the check boxes then be searched for? And will that search show all checked and unchecked?
  3. After reading this post I realize this whole todo conversation can get pretty complicated. I just need to be able to mark certain portions of the notes I take as a todo and then have a list of all the todo's in a single place. Seems pretty simple to do code wise. I use evernote for all my notes and don't want to extract everything I do into ANOTHER tool. Consolidation is important for me.
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