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  1. Hi, I have an andriod device running evernote (free version). Most of my notes are kept there and then when I am at my desktop PC I can sync to the same version on my andriod. Today, I logged onto my PC, but I believe I had no internet connection at that time, so it was not synced to the latest andriod version files. I add some notes to a particular file on the PC version, which was at the time the older verion than was on my andriod. I think during this time the internet connection came back. I then checked my Andriod device and noticed the file had changed. It was no longer the one with the notes I made over the last day or so, but it was the older one from the PC plus the new few lines of text I added! Is there any way I could get access to the "older" version on the Andriod (which has the majority of the newer notes). Hope that makes sense! Any advice most welcome, Thanks guys.
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