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  1. On 3/27/2019 at 5:50 PM, LeoMPe said:

    thanks for the replies (I already voted!) I'm gonna check the links too, thanks.

    But my point is: For the past 3/4 years I've been using evernote without tags, I was doing great without it... no complains at all.
    Why wasnt I using tags? well, notebook + notes + stacks is just like a simple folder (windows/mac) and it's ok, very intuitive. 
    But hey, here I am now: You can't past 2 levels of hierarchy with this simple intuitive method and now you have to tag ALL the notes and restructure 4 years of evernote usage into tags!!! JUST TO USE A 3+ LEVEL HIERARCHY AND NOTHING MORE THAN IT (in my case)

    Anyway, I'm gonna have to stop everything now and try to solve this. MAJOR THUMBS DOWN. And since I'm a premium user and pay for it I am now considering to move to another software because I'm kinda pissed about having to stop everything and restructure the whole thing because evernote is not considering doing ***** about this 10 years old thread.

    Yeah I strongly suggest you to give a look into Notion.so. 

  2. In my opinion, a simple Table of Contents based on headings at the beginning of notes would be enough to address this issue.

    Maybe many users want folders because they are more "visual" than searchers.

    I consider myself a visual guy in this matter: I avoid putting too much stuff at a note because it becomes messy, then I found myself making new folders and tags to store small pieces of data and keep an eye on everything.

    EN searches always give me tons of results, and that makes many of them useless to me, specially when I need to quickly find something. On the other hand, I'm fast in finding things if I visually know where I put them.

    It might be a personal issue, since a lot of users are satisfied with EN the way it is today. I'm clearly aware of it.

    Anyway, if I had a table of contents for headings in each note, my need for more folders/tags would diminish a lot, because my notes would be able to go as large as needed. Take a look at USA's wikipedia article: there is a huge ammount of data there, but yet it is pretty manageable.



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