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  1. I just installed the latest Evernote update on my Mac desktop. It has partially synced with my web-based Evernote database, but doesn't have all the notes. For example, I can search for a specific term and get 5 hits on my desktop Evernote app, but 10 hits on the web database. Also, the iOS Evernote apps on my iPhone and iPad work perfectly. This all started when I installed the new version (6.11) today. Any thoughts? --Joel Nisson
  2. Here's why Evernote exports to html... https://www.evernote.com/shard/s137/sh/e10c37c9-be36-40f4-b7b4-3501c4bcbc61/e1f2636a2d024c13de29b10c8544b65b So it seems like the main reason to have only html export is for the attached files to be included. Makes sense. Still, for folks like me who don't have any attachments, it would be nice to have the additional capability to export notes as txt. Oh well.
  3. I just started using Evenote (migrated from Notational Velocity, mainly so I could sync my Evernote Mac desktop with iPads). But I do want to export txt files as a safety measure and it is a bit beyond my skill to use the apps on github. Evernote: If you are listening, please include an Export to txt file option under Export. Thanks.
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