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  1. Hi, i have a basic free evernote account that i use with both windows & MAC. I have a windows laptop at home and use a mac while on the road. Everything works fine with windows but i have a couple of issues when using MAC operating system. 1. If i create a Word or Excel file on MAC, i cannot drag/copy/attach the file to a note in evernote. It wont let me. Any reason why or work arounds? 2. I cannot edit current attachments in evernote while using MAC operating system. All files only open in read only format, meaning i must save them again on my desktop, but as per the first part of my question - i cannot re attach them to the note. As a result i end up creating/editing documents and emailing them to myself before reimporting them from my windows PC. Is this normal or am i missing something?
  2. Hi, I use both a Mac & PC. When i create a file in Microsoft Excel and then later try to edit it in Apple Excel it wont allow me open the file without saving it to another location first, making changes and then copying back to evernote again. Im using basic Evernote and not evernote pro. Is this normal and how can i get around it?
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