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  1. Hey, this will be easy modification of: ; -------- Search for Text as Tag ------------------------------------- RButton & LButton:: Send, ^c ClipWait Send, {f6} Send, tag{:}{"} Send, ^v Send, {"} returnJust removed the lines: Send, tag{:}{"} and Send, {"} So it will be: (also changed binding to RButton+'e' key) ; -------- Search Evernote with highlighted Text ------------------------------------- RButton & e:: Send, ^c ClipWait Send, {f6} Send, ^v return
  2. 1. D vs Z: Good observation. It depends on translation. I'm working with polish version. Here for example to logout actual user you have to send: Send {Alt}{P}{O}{enter} 2. Right, sending Ctrl+Shift+C should work, and it would be better because it is independent to translation but unfortunately it doesn't work for me. Maybe I have something else hooking for these combination? This is why I made this workaround Do you have any idea how to make work combinations like: LButton & c? Declaring this combination in script completely blocks using left button when evernote has focus. The only way to return to editor is by Alt+Tab
  3. I've just registered to say: Thank you! Great bunch of scripts. Based on that I wrote two more Hold Right Mouse Button: + click "c" = Copy Note Link + click "t" = Insert To Do (checkbox) in place where mouse cursor is ; -------- Copy note link ------------------------------------------------ RButton & c:: SendInput {alt down} Sleep 50 SendInput n Sleep 150 SendInput i Sleep 50 SendInput {alt up} ; -------- Insert To Do ------------------------------------------------ RButton & t:: SendInput {LButton} Sleep 10 SendInput {alt down} Sleep 10 SendInput o Sleep 20 SendInput z Sleep 20 SendInput {Right} Sleep 20 SendInput w SendInput {alt up}
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