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  1. It works well,I use it myself and there is a HD version for the iPad. Its just a shame that Evernote can't integrate something like this. Then how come does it receive such low ratings on the App Store? This is the reason I haven't bought or tried it so far. As to Dolphin - does Dolphin let you sync with Safari or Chrome for the Mac? This has kept me from trying the browser so far.
  2. Hi Everyone, For me, the main use of Evernote is to save snippets of web pages I visit. As a result, the iOS version of Evernote is severely crippled for my needs, as there is no built in WebClipper (and even with workarounds, it's difficult to clip only parts of webpages and impossible to annotate them). The excuse is of course that Safari doesn't allow for third party extensions. I happen to be an Instapaper user, though, and I think they have solved this in a very smart way which Evernote could (and should) adopt. With Instapaper, if you have a web address in the clipboard and switch over to Instapaper, it will ask you if you want to read that article later. If so, it will add it to your list. I think Evernote could do something similar. If I have a web address in my clipboard and switch over to Evernote, show me the web page from within Evernote, let me choose which parts of the article to save, and ideally let me also annotate it. In this way, you could finally make the iOS version of Evernote fully functional. What do you guys think?
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