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  1. I would like to combine several notebooks and am not sure of the limits or process. I created a folder called Genealogy. I created a second folder called Family History and put it inside of the first folder. That seemed to work well and showed a stack with 2 notebooks in it. Although they are separate and that is OK. It is at the next stop that I have a problem. I created a notebook called by a family name. I tried to put it inside of the Family History folder and that does not work. My plan has to be able to create family name notebooks into Family History and then individual names in each of the Family name folder and fill them with notes. It appears that you can creat notebooks in the Stack but not add notebooks another level. Is that true? Am I doing it wrong?? Any other family history folks that can give me any suggestions. The goal is to finally organize all my collection of digital records and notes across several families and individuals. Thanks for your help. Marianne (DrGranma)
  2. First I have to admit to a LOT of collecting; different families, census documents, immigration documents, family photos, etc. They are organized by course taken, research documents, family materials. I am wondering if others have either done an organization and can suggest strategies and perhaps (crossed fingers) did this in Evernote. I tried in one other program but it only accepts image files and I need to have both text and images. Looking forward to hearing from others. Marianne Handler
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