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  1. Progress. I just got the update a few minutes ago. I'm in a test of moving completely to my iPad Air instead of a laptop. It seems to be working well. I've got a Microsoft Wedge BT keyboard that seems to be very responsive. This update to Evernote might be just what I need. PS. I hope this thread doesn't get hijacked by iPad Air/Laptop or BT keyboard discussions! ?
  2. From Evernote Support: Go away. I'm sleeping! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  3. I had the same problem you do. The workaround I used was to only use the Evernote web app for my primary EN account (almost all personal, but some stuff I wanted to get to at work. We have MS Office 2013 at work, so I just used the OneNote for work-related stuff. If I want to send something to EN, it's easy enough using my EN email address. Not optimal but it works.
  4. Thanks for the reply. You're right. I think I will delete Evernote completely from my work computer and create a dedicated account (or use onenote, which is on our machines) for the business stuff. I've got my own iPad that I can use to access my personal Evernote, when necessary. Better to be safe although I don't expect any problems.
  5. I have a personal Evernote account that I use for both business and personal information. I have access to it on my work computer, with Windows 7, since I need notes from both areas. I use the desktop app and sign out of Evernote when I leave. However, I worry about the confidentiality of my notes on the local drive and the company's ability to readily access them. Are they encrypted in any way? Can they be? Does the web app keep an image on the local drive? The more I read this post, the more I realize that the computer is theirs and they could do whatever they want. Is getting rid of the desktop app and using the web a solution? Thanks for the help.
  6. There *is* a password for the Windows version. You need to sign in before you can use an account. Of course, if you can't be bothered to sign out first... That's simple enough. As you say, just sign out! Duh.
  7. I create Tables of Contents (TOC) for my primary notebooks. As you are aware, this creates a list of the selected notes (in this case all notes) within the notebook. I then move that note to a notebook called TOC and give it a name and a tag of the notebook that it came from. I can go to the TOC notebook and see everything I have in the parent notebooks and go directly there. This works very well except that it is not dynamic. Whenever I add and/or delete a few notes, I have to repeat the entire process and delete the previous note in TOC. It would be great to have the option to create a Smart TOC. This would update itself dynamically every time the contents of the notebook changes so that the list of notes remains current. Thanks. Tony
  8. I agree with JamesCTaylor. I have at least 3-4 addresses I'd like to get replies to, depending on the receiver. If using other than the verified email is a problem, how about a feature to add additional emails. These could then be verified via email response and added to the account. When sending a note via email, there could be a dropdown address picker as the "reply to" address for that email. Thanks.
  9. TonyCr

    Document Sizing

    This need applies to anything that should not be automatically printed in A4/Letter to fill the page. I am a US citizen living in Thailand. These are some things that I print out quite frequently to provide to immigration, labor ministry, university (my employer), my landlord, and probably a few others: ​passportwork permit (about the same size as a passport)ID cardreceipts (for reimbursement)driver's license
  10. TonyCr

    Document Sizing

    Your system keep rejecting my post so I've attached it.Scannable.pdf
  11. TonyCr

    Document Sizing

    I don't see a way to specify the size of a document. I scan a lot of irregular size documents and I want to maintain the original size when I print, not have them convert to a full page printout. Did I miss something or will scannable have to go into the trash heap of unusable apps? Thanks.
  12. I, too, am looking for the ability to nest stacks. One of the searches turned up a feature request from 2008 asking the same thing. I can't believe it is that difficult to accomplish. Note to Evernote: You have a good product. When users ask for something that is relatively easy, deal with it quickly. It's visible to the users, makes them happy and eliminates years of negative forum posts. Marketing 101.
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