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  1. I am right now just using blue light filter __ f.lux __ .... for >> ALL << Windows 8 applications and softwares and I am just loving it! http://download.cnet.com/f-lux/3000-2094_4-75447318.html For Android apps, I use the similar solution, Twilight. For iPad apps, I just enable accessibility feature zoom, then set it to entire display, then turn on Low Light filter... Thanks
  2. I totally agree with any single sentence pointing out the current necessity of simple dark themes for ANY of the apps we have available. It does not even need to bring any motivation. Furhermore, mmm..., what more could I tell in terms of an app for >reading< ?! I'm currently using the add-on "Clearly" for articles reading in the Firefox browser, and when I don't have time to finish reading some particular article or when I want to save some text for future reference, I just clip it to Evernote using the clipping tool from Clearly. But what brought my attention to this great add-on was the beautiful, smooth shade of dark-grey in the background. Since we see the letters' boundaries through their contrast, there is not reason for iluminating all the screen in white. Please provide at least some dark background to our notes!
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