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  1. Just an update. I tried playing around with certain settings and here's what I found: I updated Evernote to the beta version and switched my chromebook to developer mode. I realized that any mouse-clicks on the PDF attachments have no effect however when I use the touchscreen (click on the three dots), I am able to open up the usual menu and most but not all menu options are working: Annotate - works! View - works! Copy - works! Edit - error: Could not find any Windows or native application to open this file Edit a copy - error: Could not find any Window
  2. Is this still an ongoing issue for some people? I just got the ASUS chromebook flip C302 today and running android Evernote 7.14.1. It seems like I have the same issue as KF6GPE. I can't seem to open any PDF attachments. PDF annotation is an important feature for me.
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