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  1. Great! Found it easily with this pointer and gave my upvote. There are only two upvotes currently on this so it might not be evident to others how to do the upvote. I saw in the comments some +1, so I'll share a quick screenshot where to vote (as DTLow helpfully instructed). Another question that came to my mind (looking at the top of the page, which is in the screenshot) is that this idea seems to be in the "Evernote for Windows" -category/forum. I mostly use Evernote on my Mac. Is it redundant to have this same idea in the Mac -category/forum?
  2. Sounds good. And where can I find this? Could you provide a link to where this is? (I know I can probably find it by searching, but I'd rather not spend my time doing that when a link will suffice..?)
  3. Where can I change the keyboard shortcuts for these? I didn't find them in Evernote (6.13.3) -> Preferences -> Keyboard shortcuts Neither did I find them in Mac -> System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts
  4. +1 for this - My thoughts exactly. Will be a much welcomed feature!
  5. Search suggestions is gone!!! (This was verified to me from Evernote Support) I cannot understand the rationale of taking away such a central and hugely helpful feature from a program that is designed to make finding information easier. Please add it back and for the love of god don't take it away from the Mac version of Evernote! (Which gladly I use more than the Windows version.) Search suggestions is the Google style automatic list of stuff that Evernote suggests for me when I write a word in the search box. In the example picture the word I typed is 'leadership'. It is SO HE
  6. That is a cool and useful search feature! Thank you UNFORTUNATELY this search option only shows notes I've shared with a public link. It does not show notes I've shared with permissions (to a certain email address or with the Work Chat.)
  7. That is my general feeling with Evernote sharing features. I tried the Work Chat at some point but it was just... Not very easy to use... QUESTION: How can I (easily) list ALL notes (and Notebooks) I've shared in Evernote? Example of what I'm looking/hoping for a list view with a column 'Shared' which I can then use to order my notes so that shared notes are at the top and I get a COMPLETE view of all notes I've shared. Preferably that list of notes would show the names/emails of the people I've shared it to under the 'Shared' column OR if I've used a public link it would show
  8. Thanks so much! I got it working You made my day. AND I'm totally impressed that you took time to understand my challenge and provided me with and illustrated answer. It feels incredibly good to have 'Evernote' responding to my concerns. I'm so fed up with big companies that have no REAL care or consideration for their customers. This is the exact opposite of that. I'm impressed! What comes to the actual resizing of an image: I have to say that now that I have resized an image, the procedure is clear as the blue sky ;-) Hindsight is always 20/20... Suggestions to imrove this feature
  9. Look at Post #161 above. It explains exactly what you're describing. I'm doing exactly what that post is telling me to do - many times over I've tried it. I'm only able to crop my image (that is leaving some parts of the whole image out.) How do i keep the WHOLE picture and change its proportions/size? I may be dumb, but please advice - this is killing me.
  10. I'm afraid it doesn't. At least I haven't been able to find it. But if it does actually exist, I would happily stand corrected on my misunderstanding. So the question that is begging an answer: How do I resize an image with Evernote's annotation tool? To answer my question correctly please be VERY CLEAR on the distinction between cropping and resizing. They are two different things. Cropping = take only a part of the whole picture and crop the rest Resizing = keep the whole picture and reduce (or enlarge) its proportions. (This reduces (or enlarges) the actual filesize of the picture -&
  11. Great to hear! I'm looking forward to the 'lossless resizing by dragging the corners' -feature. Please make a possibility to also easily do a LOSSY resizing of an image. For example from 3264x2448 to 1024x768 (or something of the sort). I need this a lot because I want to keep my note sizes to a minimum to make the use of Evernote on my phone as fast as possible. Thanks for a product that is in many ways outstanding!
  12. I'm really liking the feature that allows me to like posts on the Evernote forum!

  13. Thank you for this excellent tip! What is great about this solution is that the virtual 'PDF Printer' that comes with Foxit is available as a printer for all other programs as well
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