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  1. I've read a series of posts about this but was afraid to delete and restore. Here's what finally worked on my iPad. I deleted the app and then tried to download a new app. I could only get an app that had no "Get" button and so it just sat there and added to my frustration. BUT then I pressed a tiny cloud icon (who knew?) on the app and VOILA, the new app opened, all my data was restored with it and I was very happy. I hope this works for all of you too.
  2. You made your point but wasn't your data deleted at the same time?!
  3. You made your point but wasn't your data deleted at the same time?!
  4. I just don't know why EN has not responded to all of our complaints about the 8.0.2 up date. It has been a disaster. I think I've figured out why I can't open EN on my iPad. It's because the update removed it and unilaterally transferred EN to another device (Kindle Fire) which was not one of the 2 devices (iPad and PC) I selected when to EN limited me some time ago. Moreover, after the update when I go to EN I get a much different platform that only lists one file at a time plus data I have not sent. Even more irritating, the screen index of my notebooks does not disappear after my choice to
  5. The problem with this good advice is that I can't get my Evernote backup to display on my iCloud Drive (or any other app for that matter). My storage says there's plenty of space left out of the first 5000 free on the iPad. And I'm assuming that once in the iCloud Drive I'll be able to move the data to the new download. Also, none of this would be necessary if I could figure out how to export the same data from my PC but that's another unsolved mystery. Finally, I would have thought by now that an Evernote tech would have responded to my post since it was Evernote 's update that caused the pro
  6. I have the same problem of failure to open for the first time on my iPad. This began on 1/18/2017 the same date I read about the Evernote update. Is there a connection? I've read the posts about deleting the icon and then reloading but am very worried about losing all my data. I do have the same data on my PC but don't quite know how to transfer it to the iPad. Are you sure I'll lose my data from the iPad if I delete and reload?
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