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  1. Thanks dlu,we appreciate your response for Evernote. Indeed the problem did originate with photos in the Android client and then manifest it's self as the missing extension problem. I have verified that it's working correctly on all of our clients with the latest software versions.
  2. We're still waiting to see if or when Evernote will fix the bug that has broken this functionality.
  3. Wow, you guys are seriously evangelizing a product produced by a company that won't even actually notify their subscribers when a known bug is quashed? I think I'll try calling support again, that can't be their process.
  4. I'm sure they appreciate your loyalty and thanks for your comments but Evernote support actually referred me to this forum for more information on the problem. I provide Evernote in a production environment and it has really caused an issue for all of my users in the field to have the developer break a feature that has worked for over two years. Providing an estimated time to repair is not an unreasonable request. Doing so allows IT professionals to make value judgments about the solutions that are provided to end users. If Evernote has no idea how or when it plans to remediate this problem then I must look at other options, as waiting indefinitely is not an option for us.
  5. Has anyone heard any more about this problem? I started a ticket (number 293019) related to it too and was told "Thank you for your response. I do apologize for the issue. Unfortunately we do not have an ETA, however this was logged with the dev team for continued research and investigation.I would recommend checking the discussion blog for any updates to this issue." I've been a premium user for several years and this is first time I've had an issue like this and to add to the aggravation they decided to survey me on their support. We still have no resolution to this problem which has broken existing functionality due poor testing of an update. In two weeks, I would think they could at least give us an idea if they plan to fix it or are just dropping the feature from the app.
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