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  1. I asked, if possible, to solve it ASAP to try minimize the workflow disruption of the many beta-tester involved in the program because I think that many, like me, use only the beta-version in their daily personal work (I'm not using it for any job-related stuffs). I didn't want to sound un-respectful for other people work or sound like I was giving an authoritarian order (I'm not the EN Developers' manager). Considering the seriousness of the issue I simply underlined it, no more, no less. I'm sorry I cannot be more helpful for this beta release by opting out but I prefer not to risk compromising my notes. I'll keep an eye on the thread and get back on the beta soon as it is fixed.
  2. EdH, I'm doing my work of beta-tester by communicating in a direct way what works, what not and what is a serious issue. Given the seriousness of the issue (the notes are effectively corrupted if edited but still look ok on the website if not edited) I'm going to uninstall the beta until this is not fixed.
  3. I have an issue with the beta 1. All my notes including nested lists had been modified, in particular the items of the top list have been shifted down. Can you please help to fix this? Pretty much all my notes have been turned upside-down. Example: Item A Item A.1 Item A.2 Item B Item B.1 Item B.2 Item C Item C.1 Item C.2 This list gets resorted to: [MISSING ITEM] Item A.1 Item A.2 Item A Item B.1 Item B.2 Item B Item C.1 Item C.2 Item C
  4. I confirm it is working now on Mac with Evernote 6.0.16. Many thanks, that's appreciated!
  5. This is a bug because the behavior is not as declared by Evernote itself, just check (in the Mac OS X version) the menu "Format > Lists > Increase/Decrease List Level" and you can realize how the keyboard shortcuts suggested there are plain wrong. That's because the behavior of the kb shortcuts has changed in (one of) the last version(s) and the developers probably didn't realize the problem, otherwise they would have changed the mentioned menu. I agree with you about the TAB use in Word/TextEdit & Co. but what I'm saying is that doesn't look good to modify the behavior for such keystrokes without providing a substitute. I've just submitted a ticket regarding this.
  6. Hi, as stated in the subject the "List indent increase/decrease" keyboard shortcuts (TAB / TAB+SHIFT) don't work inside tables in Mac. I used them on both Mac/Windows but since I updated Mac Evernote to 6.0.10 they don't work anymore (Win version seems fine). Now when I press TAB/TAB+SHIFT the text cursor moves to the next cell of the table instead of increasing/decreasing the list indent. I hope you can sort it out. Thanks
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