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  1. Hi, Has anyone experienced a problem with OCR information not being added to a note that is added to Evernote after which its creation date is changed and/or the note is moved to another notebook. this is what I experienced today: scanned 5 pages expense report using scannable on ios openend Evernote for ios to sync the note to my default notebook synced Evernote on my imac (Evernote 6.0.13) change the name of the note change the creation dat of the note (to reflect the date of the expense report) move the note into another notebookafter some time a do a search for content in de pdf and it is not found by Evernote. Then I did the following test: I drag the pdf from the note described above out to my desktop create a new note on my imac with the pdf file sync Evernote. wait a bit sync Evernote again now i can find information in the pdfAnybody experienced this behaviour too? thx advance for your effort. Onno
  2. I'd suggest that you post your question/issue in the EN Mac 5.6 Beta 8 thread since that's the current Beta. Thanks for the heads up. The solution was in that thread!!!
  3. Hi Evernote team, Could also not upgrade from beta 4 to 5 (have this problem on all my macs) Did download via direct link provided in 1st post to install beta 5 but still cannot update to beta 8. What is causing this and how can i resolve that? thx in advance for your time and effort Onno
  4. Hello, I want to reorder and add pages to a pdf file. Is that possible in skitch? thx Onno
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