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  1. You didn't miss anything. This thread is nearly two years old with no response from Evernote. One of the following must be true, and none of them bodes well: A. They don't read their own forums B. The don't think their paying customer's deserve a response C. They are unwilling to make the change because they are focusing all of their resources on developing new features as opposed improving functionality within the existing feature set I for one hope it is not C, as pcryan5 pointed out, this is almost always the sign of a dying company or product. The bean counters ignore the problems, pressuring the programmers to build the latest and greatest feature in order to attract new paying customers before the business model collapses. Eventually the evangelists and power users all get fed up and leave the product, and it withers away. Hopefully they have at least one person working there who is wise enough to understand that at a minimum, leaving this thread for their entire market to view as completely ignored, is without question the wrong solution, It shows their attitude toward their customers in the worst possible light. Concern for customers should instead be their primary focus, and this discussion forum a powerful tool for increasing their user base. Maybe they need to hire at least one savvy social media consultant to set them straight?
  2. I can't believe something so important has not been addressed yet. I just replaced my laptop and because the resolution is 3200x1800, the notes are completely unreadable, and I have very good vision! It is going to be completely ridiculous if I have to stop using Evernote because it is essentially not compatible with current screen resolution standards. This should really be at the top of your list, as it is preventing your paying subscribers from using your product at all. Are you telling me that no one at Evernote uses the Yoga 2 Pro, which Cnet called their favorite laptop of the year, or is it that the Evernote employees do not use Evernote? This is a rapidly proliferating screen standard, so I really hope you get a zoom feature sooner rather than later.
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