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  1. An Evernote newbie here. I signed up for Evernote after seeing a demo video. This video left the impression that notes could be organized in an arbitrary hierarchy, and that was the feature that appealed to me. Thus upon signing up, I was surprised to learn that only a 3-deep hierarchy is permitted. Since then I have been casting around trying to see what experienced users use in place of hierarchy, and I'm not having much luck finding this out. Let me give an example of how I would use hierarchy if it was available. At the top level would be "my life", with nodes for each of several social aspects of my life, and nodes for each project I was working on. Take a project node for a book I'm working on. Within this would be nodes for things like "salient points", "chapter ideas", "other books", etc. Within "other books" would be nodes for each one of a number of relevant books, within each book node would be nodes for each chapter of the book, within each chapter would be notes summarizing the chapter, etc., etc. Even this simple example is deeper than Evernote permits, and it is easy to see the need for even deeper levels. So, how do experienced Evernote users represent "their whole life" (as many claim to do), with only 3 levels? What is used to substitute for the fact that our minds certainly divide our lives up into far more levels than that? Suggestions solicited. Thanks. --Milton--
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