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  1. @Shane D. Thanks for the response. The attachment I removed was actually only 52k. So I don't know what limitation EN had. Wasn't essential to import into EN, but it still concerned me that it hasn't been identified that that type of attachment is on a "restricted" list.
  2. After your post I went back to look at the attachments. There was an "outlook email item" as an attachment. I removed that and sent the email again and it was successful. I guess some attachments are not accepted by EN?
  3. ....and if anyone from Evernote reads this, note that "occurred" is spelled wrong in the auto-generated email
  4. I have been an EN user for a number of years and this is the first time I have received the message below. I definitely have not come close to any maximum emails as I think this is my third today...is it down for anyone else? We couldn’t deliver your message The emailed note was received, but an internal error occured while processing it. Please try sending the note again later.
  5. Additionally, the editors vary in features between Mac & Windows versions. There are things I can do on a Mac I can't do in Windows. That seems bizarre to me.
  6. You are right, but I see those all as "workarounds" as I currently perform those to replace the fact the Evernote editor is basic in nature.
  7. The editor functions are severely lacking in the Windows version. It would be great to tap into the power of Microsoft Office and allow for Word-like functionality. For example, it is painfully difficult to create tables with colored backgrounds and fonts. It would be so useful to have notes that are highly customized.
  8. WOW! This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!!
  9. I have the Outlook app for iOS and I love the feature that picks up the EN reminders and puts them in your calendar. It even has the green EN icon next to the reminder. However, I can't figure out if my desktop version of Outlook can do the same thing? I would love to create an "EN Reminder Calendar" in Outlook that I can overlay with my normal appointment calendar. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  10. Gazumped provided a fix that worked for me! Try it out.
  11. I have a really weird problem that keeps happening with my windows version of EN. I will be typing in the body of a new note and all of a sudden it will just jump to the subject line. I will click back in the body and a few seconds later the same thing happens. Any idea why? This only happens in EN and doesn't happen anywhere else. If it were my tab key or mouse, I would expect it to happen elsewhere (including when I am posting this message in Chrome). Anyone had this happen to them? Thanks.
  12. Does anyone know how to fix the time of a reminder? For example, when I go to create a new note it will always automatically set the reminder date the same day and the time +1 hour. I would love to know how to set the reminder time to always be 8am, so I have one less step. Unfortunately, tabbing between fields isn't easy in Evernote, otherwise I would be ok with that.Hoping there is a registry edit I can make to fix this? Thanks in advance
  13. I am an avid Evernote user and I use TSW as a foundation. If you see 500+ notes, then you aren't utilizing shortcuts at all or appropriately. I strongly believe that if EN is setup correctly and you have the corresponding habits, EN makes a great one stop shop for your to do list, reminders and cabinet/reference. I stop short of saying it is a one stop shop for EVERYTHING, as I am a strong Outlook user too. But if it isn't in my Outlook inbox, it is in Evernote or in the trash. I don't keep folders in Outlook. Also, the calendar in Outlook is hard to beat, especially since it syncs with your phone and other calendar invite applications.
  14. Is there a way to create a default note template in EN? For example, I like to have a simple table with several rows and columns. That way I can keep track of activity of a project. I hate copy and pasting every time I have a new project. Also, if there is a way to do this, is it possible to take an email which is sent to the evernote email address and either 1) have the email put into the template (so the table is somewhere in the note) or 2) add certain text to the top or bottom of the new note...all automatically? Thinking there must be a registry edit or template somewhere? My thinking is similar to Normal.dot startup file in Microsoft Word. Thanks!
  15. Does anyone else have the issue where the windows program temporarily freezes when you are typing in a search? It appears that it might have something to do with the live search which shows results as you are typing? I don't have that many notes, maybe 1,500 in all. But it happens on all 3 of the windows computers I have EN installed on. Is there something I can do to speed it up? I already removed notebooks which were shared with others or shared with me. Thanks.
  16. Looking forward to a more powerful windows version of Evernote. Just curious if the company releases a roadmap of features or upgrades, or if there is an estimated release date for any new versions or possibly a major overhaul? Thanks in advance.
  17. Here are some interesting observations: 1. We run the Windows Remote Desktop environment. The plugin does not work properly in this environment. 2. When using the plugin on my base computer (same computer, just not in remote environment). 3. Does anyone notice a delay when going to type in tags using the plugin? It seems like it is "pulling" the list from EN online? So when I type the first few letters it takes a few seconds to pull up.
  18. Hello, I am a power EN user and I recently updated my Outlook EN plugin to the latest version. I like the new GUI interface. But I am having trouble with it as it either doesn't list/import my notebooks or sometimes it will have the list and when I go to save an email, it will say the notebook hasn't been found. Is there any known issues with the Outlook clipper? Also, one other item to note is that our company operates in the cloud using Remote Desktop. Not sure if that matters. I am also in charge of IT, so this had company wide implications I need to fix. I did notice that some random notebooks showed up once, which makes me think it was picking up another EN user's notebooks. Any idea what that is about? Our outsourced IT is looking into it, but thought I would at least post a message here for the other experts. Thanks in advance! Gary
  19. I am trying to figure the best way to roll out EN For Business to my team. I am an avid user of The Secret Weapon (offshoot of GTD) and I have a number of nested tags in my personal notebooks. However, my tag listing ends up getting bloated with the addition of the business tags. Does anyone have any suggestions? What works for your teams? Do you manage the tags, or do you allow a free for all? I have considered just keeping my to do list in my personal, and not allowing any tags at all in business notebooks. Also considering not going to business, but staying on premium and sharing notebooks that way. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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