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  1. 5.6 is mostly great! One problem that happened occasionally during the beta testing seems to happen all the time now: when I right-click "Capture Selection from Screen" and make a selection, the image doesn't transfer to Evernote, and instead I get the broken image file icon (a blue question mark box). During the beta this would happen, but the image would appear once I tried a second time. Unfortunately, now it's impossible to capture a screen shot no matter how many times I try. Is anyone else having this problem?
  2. Me too. Not sure it's coincidence but I run Premium and Business on the one machine. Business is steady but when I switch to Premium at least 3-4 crashes today. It's consistently crashing and I sent the logs when promoted to EN. I'm on premium too. Not sure if that's the cause, but it would be ironic if so!
  3. Loving the new version for the most part. In particular, thanks a million for making the tables more usable/visually minimal. However, I'm having problems with frequent crashes. I do most of my work in Evernote, and it has been crashing 5-10 times per day. This started happening when I was on the private beta test (circa early June), and I was hoping it was fixed, but apparently not. It looks like no one else on this thread has posted a similar problem---any suggestions?
  4. Even if you could predefine a few styles (e.g., header, sub-header) and then apply them with a key command, that would be brilliant. I spend a lot of time manually bolding/coloring all my titles.
  5. Yes! This would be amazing. I've tried to use the tables but I'm so distracted by their inflexible borders that I always end up abandoning them.
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