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  1. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I was a paid user several years ago when I was working.
  2. I only use Evernote occasionally and the Free/Basic version is what works best for me. For the past few weeks everytime I open Evernote I get the following error message: " Your subscription has expired. Renew now to keep enjoying great features likes offline notebooks and larger uploads. Renew now. " I click on the renew now link and it bring up a sign up/version selector that doesn't allow me to select the Free/Basic version. Is Evernote doing away with the freebie/basic version or is this some glitch? Thanks!
  3. Brilliant! I'm on Windows 7 and just gave it a try. Worked like a charm. Thanks much
  4. Potentially a Captain Obvious new user overlooked something type question: I have several notes with pictures inserted and a few that were merged with text and images. Is there a way to make the JPGs appear at the top automatically? The notes are for swing patterns and the image is more useful than the yardage charts when I'm looking for a certain pattern (i.e., I have 20 jacket or blazer patterns and tagging for every possible variation or thought pattern is impossible. I'm a visual person and the image is more likely to trigger a memory for whatever bright idea just popped into my head). Many thanks
  5. I wear my sunglasses at night - literally. It's one of the joys of having light sensitive eyes. I have work arounds on Windows 7 and my Android. Most apps allow me to apply my slightly less bright view settings. Is there a way to do this on either the Evernote windows app or web app? I can't find the "use default Windows color and brightness scheme" checkbox. Many thanks
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