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  1. For the most part, it works well. I store many things in Evernote, but if it's a task, I put it in OmniFocus only (never in Evernote). So every morning I open OmniFocus and everything I need to do is right there. However, sometime that task needs to reference a pdf, or something I'd written before. That's when I copy/paste the link to the Evernote note into the task in OmniFocus. So when I look at the task I don't have to go looking for the reference material in Evernote, I just click an link. For example: - I keep a list of books I want to read in Evernote. - In OmniFocus, I have a monthly task that says "Pick a book to read this month", which has a link to the Evernote note. The task only appears once a month. So when the task appears in OmniFocus, I click the link, pick a book, tick the checkmark in Evernote to note I've selected it, and tick off the task in OmniFocus. Does that make sense? Now, what would've been nice is to have created an OmniFocus task directly from that Evernote note that already included the link. Sort of like a "send to OmniFocus" button on the task. Although I don't need that often enough to be an issue. Creating the task manually and just copy/pasting the link is fine.
  2. I agree that the Evernote link is a bit manual. I wish there was a way to create a note in Evernote that triggered an automatic task in your task manger (I use OmniFocus) with a link back. I haven't found an automated way to do that yet. I've tried hacking things with Dropox and Hazel, but it's unreliable and ends up creating more of a mess. What I do (and I explain in detail here), is put all tasks that I must do into OmniFocus (you could use anything for this) and all reference material in Evernote. Then just copy/paste the note link into the comments in OmniFocus. It works really well and fortunately most tasks don't need reference material, so it's not that big of a pain. With this, I open OmniFocus in the mornings and check the tasks I need to get done. If I need to refer to something it's as easy as clicking on that link and Evernote opens with the appropriate note.
  3. I think using Evernote as the only system for GTD can quickly become overwhelming. Personally, I like to keep things separate. For example, I use OmniFocus for tasks only (ie. things I have to do), Evernote for all reference material, Pocket for articles I want to read (but don't have to read, those do go into OmniFocus), and I keep ideas for projects, blog articles, etc. in a notebook in Evernote. That way the things I must do and cannot loose track of are all in OmniFocus with a link to the Evernote note where any reference material is. I explain how I use OmniFocus and Evernote together here if you're interested.
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