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  1. Hello again. I just went trough EN help. After a little help - it pretty mutch ends there. The picture below is the last screen in initial help. With so little help, the videos are just good stories, or PR, and so much in the Forum and Knowledgebase. How about make some good old fasion help areas, where us that need help can find it. Just simple and in the EN spirit by example? To me it might solve my problem of ignorance to "how to do it". It also would justify jbenson2's statement: Evernote staff don't usually like to repeat themselves. And it would be possible to show a little future track inside the help area. Just my opinion! Here is a Youtube I found espalining exactly what I did not know from Evernote help about tags: YOUTUBE
  2. The general rules governing feature requests are:1) Evernote staff don't usually like to repeat themselves. 2) Evernote staff are generally not allowed to discuss future development plans. Dave was pretty clear in the linked topic: they're not looking at adding hierarchical structures, but that wouldn't stop them from doing it some time in the future. The second part, the bit about "some time in the future" is a bit of a hedge ("never say never"), but given rule #2, they're probably not going to talk about that if it's in the works until it's well along in the development process. Which leads us back to the main point: they're not looking at adding hierarchical structures. So unless you know of some statement by Evernote staffers that contradict that, then it's about as concrete a statement of official guidance as you can expect, even if it's not particularly recent. jbenson2 I think your right. Give us a HOW and a WHEN. The more we use EN the more we need to know how we do it better, that is what these thread is about, and where we can expect to find our self in the future if we continue using it. The mere amount of repeated questions imply that you have right, and when we take jefito's 2 points into account, I would say that EN is on a collisioncourse with its users. EN is not just a software, it is a movement, hence it need clear governance. If knew how to do what I aim to in EN on EN terms, and I like it, I would not say a word against it. If I don't unserstand I would say it loud. How many of us has said it loud only to end up leaving EN in despair. I really do like its versatility. I like I can use it from whatever peice of gadget I wanna use, but - and this is a big but, if I miss the logic and become uncertain - it is often easier to jump back to ones old paradigms than fight to understand. Evernote people - how about make one of your nice videos for this topic: How to manage your notes in several layers! Cause thats what it's all about. Isen't it? Please show me/us: How to manage subjects and sub-subjects How to store data with few processes How to maintain the integrity of my data How not to loose focus and drown in data and subjects How to delimit work boundaries within a notebook (hos to create sub, sub and sub topics)The list may be a lot longer, but this is what I think is what I miss, and what I can find others missing in this forum. I have tried to keep it in the EN creative mood to make it plausible this could be an easy solution. In short: Teach us doubters how to master this tool! Thanks! Lars www.lpmathiasen.com
  3. Hello all, very interesting discussion here, and yes I agree tags can be a great thing, but for sorting not for filling the system. From the perspective of filling EN from multiple sources e.g. your phone, your iPad, your android tablet, from the web via the pc at the library, by PostIts and so many more sources, it is very quickly becomeing cluttered, and you will have to use some time for sorting and tagging. If there was an opportunity for nested notebooks, it would be a lot easier to fill in the collected information directly in that notebook at that level it belongs to.I think it would be difficult to prove me wrong here, especially because it takes only one process to store information and to sort it. Hence it should be in the spirit of EN. When it comes to using the notes it is completely true that tags are a very powerful tool. I mean look at Gmail, it's built on it, with great success. But like Gmail and the insight of Google developers, Evernote developers should or ought to look at the ever ongoing discussion about multi level nested notebooks. From my perspective as a professional collector of information, this is about minimising processes to collect, and minimises the possibilities for storing their note under the wrong subject. I have tried using tags and can now with confidence claim, it took me twice as long to store data with two or three tags, compared to finding one notebook on a list of over 150 notebooks and stored in that.So to be "lean" about it, or should we call it rational, it strikes me as an oddity that this should be such a big topic in Evernote forum. The question must be what stops development from building it into the very great product that Evernote actually is. Of course that's just my opinion, but I do ask of you who has another opinion and swears to tags, please do provide a simple description maybe a link to a discussion where someone has describes an equally easy way to use tags as I describe storing data above here. Another perspective could be, with so much attention on this isn't its about choice and freedom of choice. Maybe if there was a choice both paradigms would be equally popular. Don't you think so? Evernote is in competition with Onenote, that is a fact of market. Evernote is slowly gaining market shares and is becoming ever more popular, but as you can see in this forum, the more professional users are getting, the more we use it for everything, the more often the question about nested notebooks are coming up. It is coming up a lot these days. Sorry for the lenghty argument! /Lars
  4. Starting to get the synergy in EN harnesed. But still a novice. www.lpmathiasen.com

  5. Stacks cannot be nested & notebooks canot be nested. Stacks can contain notebooks but not other stacks. Notebooks cannot contain other notebooks or stacks. For more intricate organizing, you can use tags, descriptive titles and "keywords". Hey all - AND WHY IS IT that stacks can't contain stacks?? It would be a powerfull feature. I know EN want us to have the business edition, then you can have multiple accounts, and in that way have another dimention to EN, but EN is in competition with OneNote in businesses, and because OneNote has several more layers it wins. I like EN because it supports all my platforms: Android, Windows, FireOS, IOS. If OneNote were to be available to all platforms, I think because of lack of layering, nesting and so on EN will loose the battle in businesslife by far. That would be a shame. If stacks were could contain stacks and they were colored if containing stacks, it was easy to oversee. Maybe EN development can see the potential?
  6. I would like to have graphical tags within notes, just like Skitch tags. I useses Onenote a lot professionally, here these tags are really nice to have whan collaborating in teams, or if you want to place a marking for later. /Lars
  7. You are of course right, but it is a lot easier to convert directly, and it is much more user-friendly, in my perspective this is more in the spirit of EN. Isn't it? By exporting to RTF files directly, a higher rate of compatibility would be achieved, hence making the tool a lot more usable. I just tried to exprort to HTML - Word will not import pictures... You see - It begins to be user-unfreindly.
  8. It would be really nice, if EN could export and copy directly and formatted to Word or other OpenDocument wordprocessor. Life would be even easier. I use EN constantly, and has constantly the issue of copying formatted text from EN. /Lars www.lpmathiasen.com
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