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  1. Evernote is going by the wayside. Competition is about to swoop in and take all the Evernote users. Their product is buggy and in complete disarray. They refuse to support the product for all but their top their paying customers. Why would I want to upgrade when the product can't even do what it's said to do!!! hahaha. It's a busted product. You can't even take screenshots with it on the mac anymore. If you're also here for the same problem that Evernote hasn't addressed SINCE 2015, Time to start looking into "Bear" as a replacement for Evernote.
  2. Mine stopped taking screenshots as well. Support does not respond. They don't care. They're slowly trying to distance themselves from the Skitch product and their lack of support demonstrates it. Evernote is to the point of pure disdain for it's users that don't upgrade at this point.
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