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  1. webclipper seems to work now, even on different computers. Just want to say thank you to evernote!
  2. Web clipper not working again, on chrome and other browsers, i have disabled all extensions, cannot get the web clipper to work. this is frustrating.
  3. Just another update, I have tried web clipper on another computer using chrome and it does not work, even with with disabling all "add on" extensions on chrome. The issue probably isn't even in the "add on" extension but probably on evernote's side since web clipper behaves differently on different machines with the same setup. I do hope someone finds a fix for this. Not having web clipper has severely disrupted my workflow. Edit: I notice some of the "add ons" on chrome auto starts itself, disabling it now makes web clipper work on my other PC's, so you might want to look into that. I wi
  4. Hi just wanted to update all of you here. I am on PC chrome and i think i found the issue. I disabled all my "add on" extensions and somehow the evernote web clipper now works. So its probably one of the "add ons" that is causing this issue and/or having a conflict with the web clipper. Hope it helps you. Note: I have not tried other web browsers (to see if it works there too) and cannot explain why it did not work on them prior to this. Just speaking for chrome itself.
  5. I am having the same issue, tried on multiple computers and multiple browsers (chrome, firefox, opera, edge). Tried removing the extension and adding it back, now cannot even log into the extension, pressing the web clipper extension just does nothing. Right clicking and choosing an evernote option (like clipping selection) has disappeared from the right click.
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