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  1. Thanks. I am such a dunce! It worked perfectly.
  2. Trying to print an Evernote note. Since I am using a Chromebook, I can only access via Evernote Web. There is no Print button there. Is there a workaround?
  3. ESG

    Lost notebook

    OK. Thanks for that explanation. I have not set any of my Evernote Notebooks to local. My original question still stands. When I am writing a new note, I can not select which notebook should house the note. The 2 nd notebook is not available as a selection. Therefore, all new notes are labeled to the 1st notebook.
  4. ESG

    Lost notebook

    I just reread your message. Are you saying if I enter a note using my PC, that note will not sync to my other devices? If yes, how do I scrub my hard drive and put everything in the Evernote cloud. I could have sworn, in the Evernote literature, it says anything entered into one device can be seen on any of my devices. What am I doing wrong?
  5. ESG

    Lost notebook

    I am using a Chromebook. There is no local drive to store anything. It is not an issue with saving a note, it is selecting and placing the note in the 2nd notebook. The new note goes into the 1st notebook.
  6. ESG

    Lost notebook

    Using a Chromebook with Chrome. I only have two notebooks. When I tried to change notebooks to add a new entry, the dropdown did not have the 2nd notebook. When I do a search of a tag I know I wrote in the 2nd notebook, the note appears with the 2nd notebook name. When I select the down arrow in the drop-down, the 1st notebook name is gone. I deleted the Notebook Web extension in Chrome. Closed Chrome. Downloaded Evernote Web. Opened Evernote and it appeared. The extension listing is still gone. The 2nd notebook does not appear, yet all my notes seem to be intact.
  7. I am posting this as a solution to the problem I was having with a truncated note and scroll bars that were not working. When I copied the text from a web site, it pasted a gap at the top of the note. See attached .png When I copied just the text, without the gap or the Title/Header of the note, and pasted that text into a new note, I was able to see the entire note and the links to Related Notes. So, if you had a similar problem, check to see if there are any gaps or blank spaces that cannot be removed. Those gaps or blank spaces may cause Evernote to hiccup.
  8. Sorry I am not being clear. I did not read anything you wrote that I could possibly infer you thought what I wanted was outlandish. What was and is outlandish, is the fact that no matter how anyone uses Evernote, people have grown accustomed to having scroll bars in most software packages. In fact, an example of that functionality can be found in a third party commercial product used for this forum. For Evernote not to do what most other software does is very odd. That is why I wrote in the first place. I was looking for a way to read my note AND see Related Notes. Honestly I felt there was an option that I needed to check to allow that behavior. According to you, this is just the way Evernote works. So my choices are, keep Related Notes and get a truncated note, or get a complete note and lose Related Notes. That is sad. Now I know that Evernote staff reads these forums. If they did not, they would be idiots. Where else can a company get feedback on their product at no appreciable cost? So, I know they read the forums. Now, will they act on it? That is a whole different story and I have no wish to comment on that. Now I understand you chose not to show Related Notes. That is fine for you. But I wonder if you would be fine if this forum software required you to go up to the top and select an option to show the Post button before your message could be delivered? That is the point I am trying to make. Evernote demands if I wish to read my entire note, I must switch off Related Notes. Unlike you, I need to see related notes.
  9. If you go back to the .png I provided, you will see where I would like to have a scroll bar. If it were there, I could read down as far as the window would allow, then I could scroll down the rest of a lengthy note while still keeping Related Notes visible. That way after I've read the note in it's entirety, I could determine if I really wanted a different, yet related, note. And I also have list view as default. However, even if I used Card or Snippet, once either are selected, the note window opens, but the entire note is not revealed until I turn off Related Notes. Now your way of using Evernote, Related Notes off, does not work for me. I am at an advanced age where my memory is pretty much a fantasy long past. I NEED Related Notes to act as a spur to source the right note. I have never experienced any delay or freeze with Evernote set with Related Notes visible. If software does not conform to the users needs, it is, in my opinion a flaw. Certainly something as intuitive as most people have come to understand i.e., almost every other software program acts this way with scroll bar functionality. In fact, even this Reply To window works this way. I can scroll from the top to the bottom of this note never losing sight of the POST and More Reply Options buttons. That is all I want Evernote to be able to do, substitute Related Notes for Post & More Reply Options. What I am proposing is not outlandish. Evernote needs to actually incorporate this, not just provide a possible truth because "a dev posted it".
  10. gazumped, I guess I was not clear. The entire note is there. The .png was attached to show what does NOT display or is not available in Evernote, i.e., scroll bars within the message window. It was not a sample of the actual note. The actual is strictly text, not an image. I also pointed out that I could get the entire note to display if I go to File>Show Related Notes and UNCHECK that option. My point was,to me, this is a flaw within Evernote. I should be able to view the entire note AND see any related note titles without having to go to the menu bar and uncheck an option. For me, the better design would be to either have scroll bars within the note window or at least have a toggle switch at the bottom of the note window allowing me to turn off the Related Notes. That toggle switch should be fairly large and should be able to bring back related notes easily. I say a large toggle to make it easier to hit the target with the cursor.
  11. I've copied and pasted from a web site. When I view the note the bottom of the note does not appear. It is there as I can see the very tops of the next line of letters. Usually when this happens in any other document or web page there is a scroll bar that allows me to move the cursor down to reveal the balance of the text. Now I've noticed that there is a very, very light gray, almost a shadow of a bar, that will move the text up or down, but only to the top of the next line of letters. When I go to View>Show Related notes and uncheck the option, the entire note reveals, However, for me, it is inconvenient to have to toggle between the ability to see related notes AND an entire note. Is there a switch that will let me have my cake and eat it too?
  12. jnignert, you are correct, I incorrectly wrote Web Clipper instead of Evernote Web in my note. I did know the difference between the two, I just confused the two terms, not the functions. I must further say I finally got a response from Evernote support that identified the problem. I'll write the solution, not for you, but perhaps a new user runs into the same snag and if they do a search for Problem getting imported files to appear in Evernote Web. This might help them as well. When I imported my two OneNote notebooks, they created two same named notebooks with all of the notes. However, when those notebooks flowed into Evernote, they came in as Local not Synchronized. I cured this by exporting each of my Evernote Notebooks to my desktop. I then imported those files back into Evernote, I was then able to name them as a new notebook and select Synchronized. Apparently if you have a local notebook you cannot later change it to synchronized. Now it is possible that I just missed the Synchronize/Local option when I imported OneNote to Evernote. I really do not recall seeing such an option. After all the files came back to my harddrive, I opened Evernote Web. There were my files.
  13. I want to wean myself away from Microsoft. To that end I bought a Chromebook. For Evernote to work with Chromebook I need Evernote WebClipper to work. I have imported a couple of thousand OneNote entries into Evernote. Where OneNote uses Tabs, Evernote converts them to Tags. Under that tag all of my OneNote notes appeared. When I open WebClipper, Evernote displays all the Tags, but none of the notes. I've written to Evernote support and they tell me there is nothing in my WebClipper. I told them I understand my notes are not there, but how in the world did the Tags migrate to WebClipper without dragging my notes along? No answer. Thankfully I only purchased a one month premium. Frankly I am surprised with the enthusiastic fan loyalty towards Evernote. It is very nice, and I guess I need to test it more to get used to it, but it is certainly not as elegant as OneNote. There I can view a line list of note titles while in the main note view. I can get a line list in Evernote, but I have to take extra steps to invoke it, and when it appears it only display a few items before I have to start scrolling. Yes I know I could search by keyword, but sometimes I can't recall the keyword, and having that line list helps jog my memory. I also do not seem to be able to put in math functions. Lets say I have a bread recipe. The basic loaf calls for so much flour and so much yeast. However if I want to make 16 loaves, I can place the math functions and just change the quantity from 1 loaf to 16 and it will display the amounts I need for the large batch. I guess I will have to see if I can get Google Docs and Google Sheets to handle my OneNote/Evernote requirements. <sigh>
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