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  1. Thanks. I am such a dunce! It worked perfectly.
  2. Trying to print an Evernote note. Since I am using a Chromebook, I can only access via Evernote Web. There is no Print button there. Is there a workaround?
  3. OK. Thanks for that explanation. I have not set any of my Evernote Notebooks to local. My original question still stands. When I am writing a new note, I can not select which notebook should house the note. The 2 nd notebook is not available as a selection. Therefore, all new notes are labeled to the 1st notebook.
  4. I just reread your message. Are you saying if I enter a note using my PC, that note will not sync to my other devices? If yes, how do I scrub my hard drive and put everything in the Evernote cloud. I could have sworn, in the Evernote literature, it says anything entered into one device can be seen on any of my devices. What am I doing wrong?
  5. I am using a Chromebook. There is no local drive to store anything. It is not an issue with saving a note, it is selecting and placing the note in the 2nd notebook. The new note goes into the 1st notebook.
  6. Using a Chromebook with Chrome. I only have two notebooks. When I tried to change notebooks to add a new entry, the dropdown did not have the 2nd notebook. When I do a search of a tag I know I wrote in the 2nd notebook, the note appears with the 2nd notebook name. When I select the down arrow in the drop-down, the 1st notebook name is gone. I deleted the Notebook Web extension in Chrome. Closed Chrome. Downloaded Evernote Web. Opened Evernote and it appeared. The extension listing is still gone. The 2nd notebook does not appear, yet all my notes seem to be intact.
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