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  1. I was about to chime in and say 'are you kidding', what do you mean, "what issues", but I went and double checked and you have indeed finally fixed things! THANK YOU. Actually, I should probably say, "thank you" because I've only done a quick check rather than using it to take notes in multiple real-life situations, but still, many, many thanks. The one thing it appears you made harder to do is share notes via email. As much as I like Evernote, I work with many people who use other systems and sometimes emailing is the fastest and easiest thing to do. The one you now have more easily available (via the share icon at the top of the note) emails a link. That's awful, making someone have to go through multiple clicks (maybe even logging on??) to just get a simple note. It's helpful functionality for something you want to have as a shared work item that will be changing over time, but not for a simple note share. You have to go hunting through the menus in order to really email it: Note > More Sharing > Email note (way at the bottom).
  2. I too am a first-time poster, came across this thread from searching how to fix the bullet problems in Evernote. I'll add a post to clarify the specific aspects of bullet/note functionality that are an issue to me (or at least what I've noticed so far). I'll try to give you enough to make a user story if that's helpful. I am a business and personal user. When in meetings tracking key points and discussion items, it is best done with bullets. On the personal side I'm researching plants to go in our back yard - again a bullet list of plants under a sub-header in the note is the natural way for me to do it. When I then want to share those notes via email or include them in some other document, the formatting is awful and has to be manually corrected line by line. Another issue is when taking notes, often the lead up to a section of bullets is a short text sentence w/out a bullet - then when you go to make the bullet, it adds an extra line and separates the thought from the above sentence - which is the opposite of what I want it to do. The way I have to handle that is either putting everything in bullets and nesting (and then cross fingers) or to add a lot of extra line returns through the note in order to create more separation from above thoughts and create the visual impression that the sentence w/ bullets is still together. (Happy to clarify if that doesn't make sense). If Evernote can fix these problems and make it more useful as a note-taking app I think it could explode (in a good way) in the business realm - and people would be willing to pay for that. I know I would. thanks
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