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According to my closest friends, I’m the sort of guy that is passionate and lacks self-control so that tends to be my cross to bare.  My story is pretty mundane and I don’t make any claims as some sort of brilliant theologian.  I’m the arm chair kind, you know the guy who gets to analyze the decisions of men who actually can make a difference without actually getting into the mud myself.  I’m kind of like cable news that way.


Other important things about me.....

I guess I’m unusual because I chose to be Catholic.


I started out as a United Methodist but figured out pretty early that Christians got on my nerves.  Well upon leaving the Methodist Church I took a left turn at Rastafarianism, a right turn in the Occult, and I had an extended stay at Buddhist hotel (about six years worth) before finding myself in the last place I ever expected to be, standing in front of the Bishop of Rome as a devoted Roman Catholic. 

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