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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH DTLow!!! It really felt like a close call but I was able to recover my local notebooks. That being said, this whole situation is extremely disappointing though; I truly like Evernote, I've been using it for years and been a premium user for a while as well but I think once my annual subscription ends I will move to another tool ... The fact that NO ONE from evernote has yet address this forum or this issue is really troublesome to me. We trust them with all our data and if it wasn't for proper backups on my side, I would have been seriously SOL here.
  2. So, I did the "erase evernote and all" option suggested in this thread to recover from Evernote not working ... and now, I have several notebooks which have disappeared!! After thinking about it, I realized those were notebooks which weren't shared and therefore all local only to my laptop (this is for work and I didn't want to have those data accessible from other devices) -- so it makes sense that they're gone, I wish I would have thought of this before (or Evernote fixed their software so users don't have to deal with work around causing lost data) ... I can't believe I've potentially lost
  3. I had to follow Vinicius Lima description to get mine working again and use AppCleaner to uninstall Evernote and all its dependencies. Then reinstall from AppStore. What a PITA .. very disappointing that Evernote hasn't addressed or acknowledge this issue yet.
  4. BTW, I'm not even running HighSierra, I'm still on 10.12.6! yet, yesterday I tried to start my Evernote and although the app says it's started, I have no window/all menus are grayed out just like Asumm's screenshots.
  5. Same thing happened to me this morning ... what a bad user experience! New macOS releases have been announced for so long and access to beta version available to developers as well -- no excuse there honestly; I've been using Evernote for years now but this is not the first time something like this happen and I feel this app (and its mobile equivalent) are slacking behind in support, features and performance lately ... and now, so much time wasted on trying to get the app working vs actually using it (and of course, it's when you need it most that those things happen). At the price E
  6. Same here ... all my notes were gone (yet title and summary in middle view would show up). To be honest this is not inspiring confidence in Evernote at the moment. I found that "eventually" if you stay long enough waiting for a note to appear, at some point while doing nothing, it goes from blank to its expected content but this is not really acceptable to have to wait 1-2 minutes per notes or having to reboot your system either each time this occurs. This is the first time I've experience such an major issue with Evernote and I say major because since we trust this product with all our in
  7. Same issue here ... worked few hours ago and now no websites are working. OSX 10.9 Safari Version 7.0 (9537.71) Evernote WebClipper 6.0.8
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