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  1. I can now report that the problem still persists for me after deleting and reinstalling the app and supporting files, and having completed a full re-download/rebuild (forced sync?) of the database. The process took about four hours with 24,350+ notes and several thousand+ tags as my internet provider has increased the download speed of my plan since the last time I had to perform a reinstall. In the interim I am using the Evernote Web Client to edit and delete existing tags.
  2. I know it's troubleshooting 101 to delete and reinstall a misbehaving app but I haven't yet gotten around to it since I have close to 25K records which, based on past experiences, has taken a day or two for the database to downloaded and rebuild. I was hoping someone could report from experience of having gone through the same problem with a simpler and quicker fix.
  3. On Evernote for Mac, all of my tags are unaccessible to view, find, select or edit in the main Tag view pane. The pane appears blank. However, I can access my tags in the Evernote iOS app and through the Web Client. I'm running Evernote Version 7.1 (456449 App Store), Editor: 43.0.4829 (edb6eb7) on an iMac with 32GB RAM under macOS 10.13.4.
  4. Yes, I am experiencing the same issue with any page off of Wikipedia and this very Evernote User Forum page too. Added to the list: http://laist.com http://www.cnn.com http://www.macrumors.com Additionally, all YouTube pages fail to clip as full pages or articles and embedded YouTube videos are not holding within their boundaries on clipped web pages--it spreads out across the remaining part of the page. All three issues seem to have surfaced around the same time. OS X 10.9.1 Safari 7.0.1 (9537.73.11) Web Clipper 6.0.8 16GB RAM
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