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  1. I've had 100% success in the import process from Evernote to Keep It (including retaining Evernote tags), but I'm going slow with the import process in order to learn Keep It well, and in order to build a new work flow. I figure that I have a year before Big Sur is surpassed by the next MacOS upgrade, and at that point legacy Evernote will be history. Keep it has several note format options (markdown, plain text, and rich text) as well as a "Keep It" format. I believe the import-from-evernote process coverts notes into the "Keep It" format...which I ultimately don't want for any notes tha
  2. Hi Pbpamela, I like the Scanner Pro app on my phone because I can use it the moment I receive a receipt (don't have to wait until I get home to use my ScanSnap). It's so fast, easy, and precise. It saves scans in my iphone, or uploads them to iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, etc. They're all safe cloud services. Regarding your problem with naming files, if the problem is occurring in Keep It, you can contact the developer, and he will answer your questions quickly. Hope that helps
  3. PbPamela, this only works with Apple Mail. You can, however, read your Gmail within Apple Mail.
  4. Hi Pbpamela, Instructions on use of Keep It, including mail extensions, can be found at: https://reinventedsoftware.com/support/keepit.html The developer provides an Automator Workflow and two Applescripts for Mail. I use the Automator Workflow and created a keyboard combination in System Preferences for saving mail into Keep It. Very easy to save specific emails, and as I mentioned previously, emails stored in Keep It have links back to the original emails. For scanning receipts, I generally use Scanner Pro on my iPhone and then use the iOS extension to upload PDFs to Keep It (
  5. I haven’t tried Joplin, but have spent the last month using and comparing Notion and Keep It (Apple only -- and not to be confused with Google Keep). Although Notion is powerful, the Evernote debacle taught me an important lesson which is that all files should be stored in your primary directory in a commonly-used, archival-friendly format. Keep It meets that standard, as all files are stored in the Finder... and can be stored as Rich Text. In addition, PDFs, PNGs, JPGs, Word, Excel, etc are supported. This means all notes are stored in common formats in the Finder, and are securely bac
  6. Eric is commenting on Google Keep. My post was regarding “Keep It”, a totally different Apple-only product.
  7. And I almost forgot to mention that the web clipping function in Keep It is fantastic -- with an option to save in PDF format. Plus, there's an AppleScript option that saves email from Apple Mail -- and includes an embedded link that reopens the email in Apple Mail.
  8. I have spent the last month using and comparing Notion and Keep It. Although Notion is powerful, the Evernote debacle taught me an important lesson which is that all files should be stored in your primary directory (MacOS Finder for me). Keep It meets that standard, as all files are stored in the Finder and are securely backed-up and synced through iCloud to iOS and other Macs, plus are plus backed-up incrementally in Time Machine. Keep It is fantastic in so many ways. Coming from Evernote, I appreciate the combination of unlimited nested folders and a much better implementation of tags.
  9. Is the legacy version going to be updated commensurate with future MacOS upgrades? Unlikely. MacOS Big Sur will be released soon. There are enough changes for Apple to label it MacOS 11. Will Evernote 10 be fully functional in time for Big Sur? Unlikely. I suspect that legacy Evernote users will have to delay upgrading to Big Sur if they want full Evernote functionality and thus be forced to remain in the legacy version of Evernote. The clock is ticking.
  10. I'll add that internal links even work on my iPhone! I use this feature all day long, as my job is on the go. I set up the internal links on my computer the night before (to-do's in Things that link to Evernote), and then get work done using my iPhone throughout the day -- the links open directly into Evernote in iOS (no web interface). Such an awesome productivity enhancement!
  11. Internal links are central to my workflow. When I discovered that I could put Evernote internal links into my to-do app (Things 3), my Kanban Board (Kanbanier), and into my calendar, and documents, etc, ... my workflow/productivity system was on steroids! I suspect that Evernote knows that only a small percent of users use internal links and have decided to deprecate them. The situation may be similar to tags (not on the chopping block, but de-emphasized). According to Ian Small's interview on The Paperless Movement (YouTube), only 2% of users use tags, so they are not important enough to rec
  12. After experiencing this twice (seeing a past version of my notebook structure upon downloading 10.0, and the quickly deleting the app), I got up the courage to let it sync. Slowly the old folders disappeared at a rate of approximately one folder every 20 minutes, and my new (more sparse) folder structure appeared. I had approximately 150 folders in my old system and 20 in the new one. I had to coax it along...quitting and restarting the app many times over the course of a day. My tags also updated. As far as I can tell, all my notes are present. I don't know why I was seeing my old folde
  13. In 10.02, I still see an old version of my notebook structure, with notes in them. After syncing, the old notebook structure remains on my iPhone, .but my notebook structure in the cloud and on my Mac have not changed. Thus, the 10.02 on my phone has somehow reverted to an old -- previously deleted -- notebook structure and is not syncing with the cloud. I've submitted a trouble ticket to Support, but there is no response.
  14. I updated to iOS 14, erased the Evernote iOS beta, and downloaded Evernote iOS 10. I then saw a past version of my Notebook structure. I deleted the app. Fortunately, this did not change my notes and notebooks in the cloud and on my Mac Evernote client. I waited three days and tried again with the same result. Why am I pulling an old version of my Evernote account in the iOS Evernote client?
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