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  1. downloading version 5.5 worked!! thank you so much. since i downloaded evernote from the mac app store, version 5.5 is not available yet, so i had to search in these forums to download the beta version. now i can see my documents right in my notes! thanks again.
  2. This did not work for me. Do I need to update to version 5.5? I was not aware there was a higher version available. And I do have a Mac!
  3. When I add a Word Document to an Evernote note by dragging it and dropping it onto the Evernote icon, the note simply shows the name of the document and the size, with the option to quick view the document or download it. In the past, my documents have shown the name at the top of the note, then shown the actual document within the note. It is frustrating now to have to click the view button to view the document and am wondering why this is happening now. I cannot find any setting for it in preferences and my best guess is Evernote is trying to save memory space. Has anyone else experienced this or have an explanation/fix for this? Thank you! NOW: BEFORE:
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