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  1. Hello all, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I've been using Evernote on a Kindle Fire for a while, and yesterday a new UI "arrived" - at least I don't recall being asked to install a new version. It's v5.9.1. At first I thought "great", because the overall page looks much cleaner and the reminders at the top of each page look really good. However, on scrolling down to the non-remindered tasks, the changes are not so great... I have three related problems with the new UI: 1. You can no longer choose between list view and snippet view - or if you can, I can't find it 2. The different sorts now seem to default to either list view or snippet view. I sort by notebooks all the time, and this produces a list view, with any tag details appearing halfway along the line and cropping the note title 3. The effect of these together is that I can now only see one or at best two words of the title for most of my notes. This is useless for me, as it means that I have to open every note to know what it is. Has anyone else found this, and has anyone found a way around it? BTW I use Evernote primarily for GTD and use TSW so not being able to quickly scan through all of my tasks renders it pointless as a productivity tool. I can't imagine that it doesn't impact negatively on other uses of Evernote as well though. If it needs further clarification I'll try to get a screen grab from the Kindle but I'm hoping other people will have seen this on other devices. Thanks, J.P.
  2. Hello all, many thanks for your suggestions on this. I now have a (partial) solution to this issue I went into the Windows forum to read this thread without logging in, and as chance would have it an older post had risen to the top of the page by dint of a response earlier today: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23435-no-sync-between-evernote-web-and-local-evernote/ There's a suggestion on here about renaming the database, which made sense for my laptop issue, in that reinstalling had made no difference so it felt like Evernote needed to 'forget' the existing data and start again. And lo and behold - I'm back up to full note count on my work laptop. I'm still missing two notes on the browser version - they're in archive folders so more annoying than critical to my everyday workflow. I may still contact support, as I've no idea: - how to resolve the browser issue; - what caused this in the first place; - how I can avoid it happening again. For now though I'm a happy camper again, although I shall definitely be backing up from now on GrumpyMonkey! Thanks again all, John.
  3. @gazumped, Thanks, I'll give that a go - only about 20 of the notes were new since I last used the laptop though, so I suspect that it isn't *just* playing catch-up. @grumpymonkey: it's taken a while to get all of the various formats playing but here are some screen shots, I hope they work. I couldn;t work out how to paste images direct so they're all attachments - apologies for the inconvenience First is the desktop, with the full complement of notes; Then the laptop with the deficient note count; Then the Android phone; Then the browser screenshot. All suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks, John.
  4. Hello all, I'm a relatively new Evernote user (4 months) and been delighted up until now, so this is my first post. When I synced up my work laptop this morning, it took a long time, and when it had finished I'd lost about 400 notes. I run Evernote across three devices, and did a lot of notes admin yesterday on my desktop PC (which is a new installation - don't know if that could part of the issue?). After panicking, I did the following: - Took my desktop PC offline and backed up all my notebooks; - Checked the note count on the web version, which was nearly ok - see below; - Uninstalled and reinstalled on my work laptop; - Sync'd across all devices. Note count after all of this is: - Home desktop PC (Windows): 1145 - Phone (Android): 1145 - evernote.com: 1143 - Work laptop (Windows): 734 I will raise a support ticket but thought I'd try here first since it's a weekend and I'm a free user, so the official response might take a while. Has anyone seen an issue like this before, and has anyone resolved it? Many thanks, John.
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