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  1. Hi, I'm using Evernote and NYT Cooking to save my recipes, but I've found that only half of my Evernote recipes are being synced to NYT Cooking. So apparently this is because: 1) NYT Cooking imports all of my notes that Evernote has automatically identified as a recipe (according to NYT Cooking FAQ). 2) But Evernote isn't correctly identifying all my recipes. I searched my notebooks using classifications_recipe:* (see this Evernote Help article) for notes that Evernote has automatically classified as recipes, and found that it hadn't correctly identified / classified half my recipes. Similarly, it included a lot of articles about food that weren't recipes. The NYT Cooking FAQ also redirects me to contact Evernote support for the mis-classifications. I've also tried adding a "Recipe" tag to each recipe, and changing the notebook name to "Recipes", but that hasn't changed their classification, so the recipes still aren't making it to NYT Cooking. So my question: Is there a way for me to manually re-classify my notes? Thanks in advance.
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