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  1. I'm not sure why you're trying to reach it. If you don't, that's great, you'll never run out of space. Or are you asking how it is some of us need and/or manage to use up that much? The answer is most likely pictures and/or other documents. I don't think it has much to do with what type of user you are (I use it mostly for personal stuff and sometimes I hit the quota), but more what type of things you store in evernote. Text doesn't take up a lot of memory. Ebooks for example (which are really just html files) are really tiny. They're rarely more than a few MB (less than the size of a single song to get an idea) and yet it's an entire book! So text just doesn't take up much space. Pictures on the other hand do. Especially for example if you're going paperless and you scan lots of stuff in or if you're doing lots of research and web clipping articles with lots of images. PDFs, DOCs, and MP3s can also take up quite a lot of space when you put it all together. If you do use evernote for those kinds of things 60MB can feel quite small (what really often gets me is the 20MB note limit). I don't always use up my quota. I'm just mindful of it so I don't run out. Large files or articles with lots of pictures don't get synced until I check the size. If it's very large I might wait to sync them until right before my quota resets so I have space for other stuff. If it doesn't fit I'll leave it for the next quota. But yeah, evernote wasn't meant just for writing. I actually store very little actual writing in it (only backups of docs) as it doesn't have enough formatting for what I'd need. I use it more as a digital brain dump for all my ideas/research/inspiration. As for pasting that tends to happen in almost every program, Word, Notepad, etc. Really really long copy/pastes will make some programs freeze temporarily because they might literally be copying a couple megabytes but there's no process bar so the program just freezes until the process is complete, if that makes sense.
  2. Here with yet more complicated workarounds. Last time I presented my authotkey script which I should really organize and update since some things have changed, but for now I "discovered" something way more important in my opinion. Now for the longest time I've really wished we had inline tagging workflowy style or at least the ability to more easily search for tags Calibre style (if you've never used calibre you can exclude a tag by clicking twice, three deselects) and link to tags. But alas we don't.... so like always... I looked for a workaround. Now I've know for a while you can use the _ as a character in search and this is the main workaround to inline tags. Nothing really knew there. I've thought of changing over to that system but I find it easy to miss and the underscore just does not say "tag" to my brain so I never truly tried it (I was so missing out). So I got around to brainstorming and I was interested in making fonts a while back so I knew I could make any letter be anything I wanted so I thought why not turn the _ into a #. This is probably the hardest part and you don't really need to do it if the _ doesn't bother you, but by doing so I realized just what I was missing out on. Skip the next paragraph/s for more on that if you're not interested in a font change. If you do know how to make a font (really you just need to know is enough about whatever font program you choose to copy/paste a character, export and install, nothing that complicated) and want to make a custom hashtag font it's pretty easy to make EN use it. Just changing the font in the prefs won't work for the whole UI. The trick is to go into Window's advanced theme settings to change the font throughout the computer. Of course now anywhere the default font is used you'll see a # instead of an underscore. I'm thinking of making it into the shape of a tag or a backwards # because now they're impossible to distinguish, not that I really need to, but I just might need to in windows explorer while changing file names and stuff like that.That's really the only minor inconvenience. But the visual problem can be solved if that bothers you like it did me. Oh and be sure to reboot otherwise EN won't register the change. Problem 2 whether you do the font change or not, I'm used to hitting shift 3 to get a pound symbol. So here came authotkey to the rescue again. ^3::Send, _ solved that perfectly. I set it with a #IfWinActive to evernote's ahk class so it wouldn't do it anywhere else and it works perfectly. So now I've got nice visually proper inline tagging, but even if you don't want to go out and do all that just switching to using an underscore opens up so many doors. Inline tagging of course, but even better it makes searching so so so much easier. Instead of a search looking like: all: tag:#included tag:"#included tag"-tag:#excluded which was just a pain to type out or the alternative which I used to do, selecting all the tags, going to the search explanation, copying, pasting then adding the dash to exclude certain tags, now I just type the following: #included "#included tag" -#excluded which autohotkey converts to _included "_included tag" -_excluded which with the font change reconverts again to looking like: #included "#included tag" -#excluded. Much much simpler and it can catch "inline tags" as well as regular tags. The only thing this doesn't work for unfortunately is for finding tags in scanned/handwritten documents. Also there's only really one type of tag. No other symbols work. But you could use multiple hashtags instead like ##tag. The number of underscores could indicate the level of importance or other stuff like that. Using a space also works. So # # could mean a to do (you would have to search for it with quotations though). Basically it allows even more creativity I think. Now the inline tags might sound kind of pointless to some people, after all isn't the beauty of it to be able to select tags from the sidebar. Well yes, but for some of us there's just some notes we'd only like to pop up when searching for the tag. Like it might only be mildly related, or it might be a single thing inside a note that is related to that tag. But regardless, I encourage you to try it just for tags just for the fact that it makes searching sooooo much simpler. Typing tag: over and over again and remembering the colon and the placement of the quotation marks was just too much. This way it makes way more sense. It's like a simple google search. I don't have to bother about selecting anything. I think if I trim my tags down enough I might just get rid of the sidebar altogether. I could also potentially get autohotkey to type notebook: when I need to single out a notebook in a search (is it just me or was there a time when if you were in a notebook and you went to search it only searched in that one? maybe I'm just dreaming, but I really wish it'd do that). Anyways hope someone finds some of this helpful and it shows just how useful such a feature could be.
  3. Yeah, you can't really unless the mouse can always click in the same space. You can sort of do that if you make EN fullscreen (Windows + Up) as part of the hotkey, ensuring it hits the right place, but not sure how difficult it would be to get it to rename properly. If you can't get it to do that... some other workarounds: What you could do is before you hit the hotkey, type the tag manually somewhere (even the note), select it, backspace (if you wrote it in the note) and have Authotkey store that value to insert when the tag dialogue pops up (AFTER you cleared everything). Unfortunately the tag dialogue doesn't let you rename tags or this would be possible. Now if you only have a few tags you do this with, you could also create several hotkeys, say Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3, with each assigning a different tag, say _tag1, _tag2, _tag3. So you can just glance at which tag you need to "convert" and click the correct hotkey. This of course, is slightly dangerous because you might hit the wrong number. Hope one of those works for you.
  4. @Silverc75 If you can do it with a keyboard and/or mouseclicks (in specific spots) than whatever process can be done with Autohotkey, but once you start throwing more variables at it (x might or might not exist), it gets harder and harder (hence why I labeled some hotkeys "dangerous"). My solutions below are only possible because Evernote happens to have the Tag dialogue list and lists tags in a specific order. I know it can do slightly more than just automating keyboard stuff (I've seen it on the Autohotkey forums which you might want to check out), but I'm not that familiar with it. I only know a little bit of programming. To answer your questions, based on what I do know... - remove all tags of the note (from 1 to 5 tags, depending what kind of note it is) Yes, from Note > Tags... then you'd have to check Hide unassigned tags. Then clear all. But what you'll actually want to do is the answer to the following. - add a new tag to the note based on 1 of the tags that has just been deleted (among the 5 tags, it would be the only tag that doesn't start with a symbol) Working on the above. Note > Tags... Then since most symbols get sorted high on the list, if you were to go all the way down (have it hit the down key quite a few times, it hits the bottom and doesn't go back to the top, so it'll select the only tag without a symbol) then one up, then start unchecking (using the spacebar) from there up. - change the notebook Yes. Note > Move to Notebook... - nest the new created tag under a specific (already existing) tag I think this one is impossible because to nest you have to drag the tag (which involves a lot of variables).
  5. @Doc-Ralf It's because you're sending it all at once. If you separate it, it should work, but even then, it's better to add some sleeps, like so: Key:: (enter here to make clear from here to return is the commands for that key)Send, ^bsleep, 10Send, text bla bla blasleep, 10Send, {Enter}sleep, 10Send, ^breturnThis is a long version, you might be able to shorten, combine a few things, and still have it work most of the time. It depends. ^c for copying has a clipwait feature, so you can do Send, ^cClipWaitSend, ^v (paste after making sure text was clipped)and you can wait for windows to pop up with WinWait, but I don't think there's anything for regular keys
  6. Glad you like the user switching. That's the script started and it snowballed from there. R0bson beat me to it, but that's how you would do it. You could tell it to search practically anywhere (the start menu, your computer, etc). Just make sure if you're switching applications to tell it to wait for the right window, otherwise it'll paste before the program opens (you can see this with userswitching, it waits for the log in screen). I didn't really have a need for it, so I didn't write it. I'm more into using it to automate complicated tasks and connect different applications. If you like AHK, you mght be interested in GlovePIE. I'm currently using it to create a JARVIS like interface. I still like shortcuts for quick actions, but I'd like to get rid of any docks/taskbars in the future. I want to launch applications and switch between them by voice instead. Possible launch searches by voice. As for text replacement, I don't use it. Most of what I type up is original and not repetitive. I don't know where you use it, but if you happen to find yourself having to type up the same things in your browser all the time, like in forms, look into InFormEnter (firefox addon, but similar ones are available for other browsers). I run a blog, and I'm constantly having to input tags. I though about autohotkey at first, but it wasn't right for that problem (30+ tags). I'm currently looking into clipboard replacements that should be able to do something similar, but computer wide.
  7. Updated the script. Fixed single note view not working. Should work now as long as you keep Group Add at the top.
  8. Ah, okay, I work with the English version. As for 2, the shortcut should be listed next to the menu item. It might be different for you and that's why it isn't working. Autohotkey disables the first key if it's in a combination. That's why I used Capslock as the first key in a lot of them, it was a key I hated I didn't use (though it still manages to turn itself back on accidently sometimes). I also used RButton a lot too because it's a key that doesn't need to be held and can therefore be fixed with RButton:: Send, {RButton}If you had used LButton, and added that line, you would only be able to get the click working (no dragging). I've tried everything I could think of (I only know the basics), but I can't get it to work properly. Anyways, this means it's a bad idea to use any keys that you'd need to hold down (like Ctrl or Shift) as the first key. Other keys, like Tab, Alt, or MButton would be better options. I'd recommend MButton if you want something on your mouse. OR you can do: c & LButton:: Send, keycomboc:: Send, cYou won't be able to hold down C and do ccccccccccc, but I doubt you'd need to do that. I used a similar trick for the indenting: Capslock + RButton and Capslock + LButton since the second key is never disabled.
  9. Mmm, I didn't think about that, using the Right Click as a Ctrl button and leaving the original letter shorcut (b for bold, etc) That's a good idea. I have something similar set up in Photoshop. I'm going to study it, see if I can fit all the shortcuts to the right hand. Above I focused on the ones I most used, but the more shortcuts the merrier. As for your script, the checkbox one is wrong, it would be D not Z and at least for me, the right and w aren't neccesary (you might be on a different version?), just an Enter. Also it would be easier/faster to just set the checkbox to the shortcut evernote already has for it, instead of going through the alt menu (which makes each script huge). I only used alt for switching users because it had no shortcut. This should work just the same for you: RButton & t:: Send, ^+c
  10. I hope this is the right forum. Lately I've been experimenting with Autohotkey. I went a little overboard and automated everything. I thought some of you might find the ones I wrote up for Evernote useful. Especially the following: Tag Search: Highlight any text and search for it as a tag. This way you can link to tags inside notes. Search in Google: Highlight any text and search for it on google. Change Link Color: This one is a bit complicated (and a bit dangerous, don't move or click while it runs) but once you run it it'll allow you to change the link color. It's automatically set to gray, which is what I use, but you can highlight the link, change the color, and it'll change. It works because I discovered links made internally can change their color, but not those copied/pasted (at least on the windows client). Basically it relinks the link. User Switching: Obviously not as good as Evernote's built in switch for users and obviously a security risk (your username/password has to be entered into the script) but for those of you who share computers and don't mind the slight security risk, it works. Full List of Hotkeys Basically it's optimized so that you can keep your left hand to the left and your right on your mouse and easily edit/format things. Note that it disables the Capslock key (it produces a horizontal rule instead). The full script I use (and further notes) can be found here. It has a few extra Evernote related hotkeys. Code for Evernote Section Below. Capslock + 1 Changes to 1st User (set in variables/options). Capslock + 2 Changes to 2nd User (set in variables/options). Capslock + 3 Changes to 3rd User (set in variables/options). Capslock + Alt Changes the Link Color. Set the mouse cursor right at the end of the link then run. Don't move/click while it runs. You've been warned. Right Click + Left Click Searches for selected text as a tag so you can add # Tags to notes then searching them by highlighting Tag and Right Click + Left Click. Right Click + Scroll Wheel Up Increases Text Size Right Click + Scroll Wheel Down Decreases Text Size FORMATTING Right Click + Ctrl Bold Right Click + Shift Italics Right Click + Capslock Highlight Right Click + Alt To-Do Checkbox Right Click + Windows Bullets Right Click + Space Create Link Right Click + Tab Toggles Center/Left Paragraph. It's two shortcuts in one key so holding right click and hitting tab will alternate between the two. Middle Click Hides Left (Notebook) Panel Capslock Horizontal Rule. I have this because I tend to use it a lot to separate clipped text/ideas. Capslock + Middle Click Toggles Note Info and Editing Toolbar. See Note Below. Capslock + Right Click Increase Indent Capslock + Left Click Decrease Indent Updates Fixed it not working in the note view and also simplified some of the scripts. No hotkeys were changed.Code ;Variables/Options;ignore this, leave at top GroupAdd,Evernote, ahk_class ENMainFrame GroupAdd,Evernote, ahk_class ENSingleNoteView return;If Firefox is elsewhere or if you'd like to use another browser:firefox= C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe;and if you'd like a different search engine (you can't just past the site, you have to fine the URL thingy):searchengine= http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=utf-8&q=;Evernote Passwords. I've set up three users, but you can go down to the code and set up more. Make sure to make one for both the log in screen and evernote itself.user1= ;usernameuser1password= ;passworduser2=user2password=user3=user3password=; ============================= EVERNOTE LOG IN ===========================#IfWinActive ahk_group ahk_class #32770; -------- Switch Between Users at Log In --------------------------------- ; -------- User 1 ----------------------------------------------------- Capslock & 1:: SetCapsLockState, alwaysoff Send, %user1% sleep, 500 Send, {tab} sleep, 500 Send, %user1password% sleep, 500 Send, {Enter} return ; -------- User 2 ----------------------------------------------------- Capslock & 2:: SetCapsLockState, alwaysoff Send, %user2% sleep, 500 Send, {tab} sleep, 500 Send, %user2password% sleep, 500 Send, {Enter} return ; -------- User 3 ----------------------------------------------------- Capslock & 3:: SetCapsLockState, alwaysoff Send, %user3% sleep, 500 Send, {tab} sleep, 500 Send, %user3password% sleep, 500 Send, {Enter} return ; ================================ EVERNOTE ===============================#IfWinActive ahk_group Evernote; -------- User 1 --------------------------------------------------------- Capslock & 1:: SetCapsLockState, alwaysoff Send {Alt}{F}{O}{enter} WinWait, Evernote Send, %user1% sleep, 500 Send, {tab} sleep, 500 Send, %user1password% sleep, 500 Send, {Enter} return ; -------- User 2 ----------------------------------------------------- Capslock & 2:: SetCapsLockState, alwaysoff Send {Alt}{F}{O}{enter} WinWait, Evernote Send, %user2% sleep, 500 Send, {tab} sleep, 500 Send, %user2password% sleep, 500 Send, {Enter} return ; -------- User 3 ----------------------------------------------------- Capslock & 3:: SetCapsLockState, alwaysoff Send {Alt}{F}{O}{enter} WinWait, Evernote Send, %user3% sleep, 500 Send, {tab} sleep, 500 Send, %user3password% sleep, 500 Send, {Enter} return ;READ NOTE ABOVE BEFORE USING FOLLOWING HOTKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; -------- Change Link Color ------------------------------------------ Capslock & Alt:: SetCapsLockState, alwaysoff Send, ^+k WinWait, Edit Link Send, ^c Clipwait, Send, {Enter} Send, ^+r MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos MouseClickDrag, L, %XPos%, %YPos%, 0, %YPos% Send, ^k WinWait, Add Link Send, ^v Send, {Enter} Click, %XPos%, %YPos%, Send, +{Home}^d WinWait, Font Send, {Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}gg{Enter} SetCapsLockState, alwaysoff MsgBox,,,Complete, .001 return;NoteToSelf: RBUTTON (L,WU,WD,Ctrl,Shift,Caps,Alt,Win,Tab) ; -------- Search for Text as Tag ------------------------------------- RButton & LButton:: Send, ^c ClipWait Send, {f6} Send, tag{:}{"} Send, ^v Send, {"} return ; -------- Increase/Decrease Text ------------------------------------- RButton & WheelUp::Send ^{+} RButton & WheelDown::Send, ^{-} ; -------- Formatting: Bold, Italic, Highlight, Bullets, Checkbox, Link - RButton & Ctrl:: Send, ^b RButton & Shift:: Send, ^i RButton & Capslock:: Send, ^+h RButton & Alt:: Send, ^+c RButton & LWin:: Send, ^+b RButton & Space:: Send ^{k} ; -------- Search Highlighted Text In Google -------------------------- RButton & q:: Send, ^c ClipWait, Run, %Firefox% "%searchengine%%clipboard%" return ; -------- Center/Left Paragraph -------------------------------------- RButton & Tab:: keywait, LButton LButtonflag := !LButtonflag If (LButtonflag) Send, ^e else Send, ^l return;NoteToSelf: MButton (self) ; -------- Toggle Left Panel ------------------------------------------ MButton:: Send {f10};NoteToSelf: Capslock(Caps,M,R,L,Tab) ; -------- Horizontal Rule -------------------------------------------- Capslock:: SetCapsLockState, alwaysoff Send, ^+{-} return ; -------- Show Note Info and Editing Toolbar ------------------------- Capslock & MButton:: SetCapsLockState, alwaysoff Send ^{F8} Send {F8} return ; -------- Increase/Decrease Indent ----------------------------------- Capslock & RButton:: SetCapsLockState, alwaysoff Send, ^m return Capslock & LButton:: SetCapsLockState, alwaysoff Send, ^+m return ; -------------- 5 Space Tab to Indent --------------------------------- Tab:: Send, ^m ;NoteToSelf: Ctrl,L,Alt,Win,Tab normalities don't work for some reason. ARGH ; -------- Normalities ------------------------------------------------- RButton::Send, {RButton}
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