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  1. I'm not sure why you're trying to reach it. If you don't, that's great, you'll never run out of space. Or are you asking how it is some of us need and/or manage to use up that much? The answer is most likely pictures and/or other documents. I don't think it has much to do with what type of user you are (I use it mostly for personal stuff and sometimes I hit the quota), but more what type of things you store in evernote. Text doesn't take up a lot of memory. Ebooks for example (which are really just html files) are really tiny. They're rarely more than a few MB (less than the size of a sing
  2. Here with yet more complicated workarounds. Last time I presented my authotkey script which I should really organize and update since some things have changed, but for now I "discovered" something way more important in my opinion. Now for the longest time I've really wished we had inline tagging workflowy style or at least the ability to more easily search for tags Calibre style (if you've never used calibre you can exclude a tag by clicking twice, three deselects) and link to tags. But alas we don't.... so like always... I looked for a workaround. Now I've know for a while you can use the _
  3. Yeah, you can't really unless the mouse can always click in the same space. You can sort of do that if you make EN fullscreen (Windows + Up) as part of the hotkey, ensuring it hits the right place, but not sure how difficult it would be to get it to rename properly. If you can't get it to do that... some other workarounds: What you could do is before you hit the hotkey, type the tag manually somewhere (even the note), select it, backspace (if you wrote it in the note) and have Authotkey store that value to insert when the tag dialogue pops up (AFTER you cleared everything). Unfortunately the
  4. @Silverc75 If you can do it with a keyboard and/or mouseclicks (in specific spots) than whatever process can be done with Autohotkey, but once you start throwing more variables at it (x might or might not exist), it gets harder and harder (hence why I labeled some hotkeys "dangerous"). My solutions below are only possible because Evernote happens to have the Tag dialogue list and lists tags in a specific order. I know it can do slightly more than just automating keyboard stuff (I've seen it on the Autohotkey forums which you might want to check out), but I'm not that familiar with it. I only
  5. @Doc-Ralf It's because you're sending it all at once. If you separate it, it should work, but even then, it's better to add some sleeps, like so: Key:: (enter here to make clear from here to return is the commands for that key)Send, ^bsleep, 10Send, text bla bla blasleep, 10Send, {Enter}sleep, 10Send, ^breturnThis is a long version, you might be able to shorten, combine a few things, and still have it work most of the time. It depends. ^c for copying has a clipwait feature, so you can do Send, ^cClipWaitSend, ^v (paste after making sure text was clipped)and you can wait for windows to pop up
  6. Glad you like the user switching. That's the script started and it snowballed from there. R0bson beat me to it, but that's how you would do it. You could tell it to search practically anywhere (the start menu, your computer, etc). Just make sure if you're switching applications to tell it to wait for the right window, otherwise it'll paste before the program opens (you can see this with userswitching, it waits for the log in screen). I didn't really have a need for it, so I didn't write it. I'm more into using it to automate complicated tasks and connect different applications. If you like
  7. Updated the script. Fixed single note view not working. Should work now as long as you keep Group Add at the top.
  8. Ah, okay, I work with the English version. As for 2, the shortcut should be listed next to the menu item. It might be different for you and that's why it isn't working. Autohotkey disables the first key if it's in a combination. That's why I used Capslock as the first key in a lot of them, it was a key I hated I didn't use (though it still manages to turn itself back on accidently sometimes). I also used RButton a lot too because it's a key that doesn't need to be held and can therefore be fixed with RButton:: Send, {RButton}If you had used LButton, and added that line, you would only be abl
  9. Mmm, I didn't think about that, using the Right Click as a Ctrl button and leaving the original letter shorcut (b for bold, etc) That's a good idea. I have something similar set up in Photoshop. I'm going to study it, see if I can fit all the shortcuts to the right hand. Above I focused on the ones I most used, but the more shortcuts the merrier. As for your script, the checkbox one is wrong, it would be D not Z and at least for me, the right and w aren't neccesary (you might be on a different version?), just an Enter. Also it would be easier/faster to just set the checkbox to the shortcut e
  10. I hope this is the right forum. Lately I've been experimenting with Autohotkey. I went a little overboard and automated everything. I thought some of you might find the ones I wrote up for Evernote useful. Especially the following: Tag Search: Highlight any text and search for it as a tag. This way you can link to tags inside notes. Search in Google: Highlight any text and search for it on google. Change Link Color: This one is a bit complicated (and a bit dangerous, don't move or click while it runs) but once you run it it'll allow you to change the link color. It's automatically set to gra
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