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  1. I am looking for similar functionality. I was expecting to be able to drag and drop any file type into an Evernote note under iOS 11. It appears, for the moment at least, that this is not the case. Pity. I hope it doesn’t take too long to be implemented.
  2. Not keen on this idea. I have a large volume of offline notes and a slow rural 4G broadband connection with a data cap. What I need is for EN to stop busting things that aren't already broken. What started as an aspirational dream to create a 100-year company seems to be degenerating into the flash then crash model that we see all too often in the technology sector. Sad really, it had so much promise.
  3. I had V8 dot whatever running ok. Just updated to 8.0.3 after updating iOS to 10.2.1 and I have the crash on launch issue. This is hopeless. It looks like quality assurance has yet again been delegated without consent to the user community.
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