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  1. I've been notified that web clipper breaks our chess club website (vigevanoscacchi.com) on both firefox and chrome and seems related to a javascript intrusion. I'm currently trying to find a workaround even if, IMO, this is by definition a bug in the web clipper. The effect is that our pages load correctly but after a split second the content is replaced by "[object object]". I tracked down the issue to our chessboard display javascript code that breaks because seems the DOM is altered during our processing and a node needs to be removed doesn't appear to be where it should, thus making removeChild call to fail. A version that can reproduce the problem is what I currently get from chrome: Version 6.0.8: 9f8dc4e/ - chrome Version 33.0.1750.22 dev Is there a bug tracker for the web clipper? EDIT The problem was not related to DOM intrusion but to messages sent to the page (that has a message handler needed by the CMS page editor preview function). Adding additional checks to ignore unexpected messages solved the issue.
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