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  1. Please forgive me, because I am a scientist and not a computer-scientist/engineer or any kind of professional developer. There are two methods that I interact with the notebooks, stored on an external server and stored on my local machine via a conda installation. I use Evernote because it acts as a well interfaced index, and has some nice things in notes and has the ability to attach documents when needed; it makes me MUCH more efficient due to the remote nature of the notes, so I can be at an experiment or meeting and simply lookup something I did previously. This is one layer of my work flow and directly on the files of my computer is another. I can provide more detail, but if there was some way to attach and interact with notebook files through Evernote, is what I'm wanting. That way, I could do a search that includes the contents of my iPython notebook, and view the already-executed, static contents from my different Evernote devices. Then, if I'm on a device with the appropriate Python kernel and Jupyter install, I could do my notebook work flow. For the notebooks on remote servers, I don't have a good idea of how that would work, presently I just include a link for those cases. Is this a ridiculous fantasy? Is there some quasi-implementation possible with the existing infrastructure? Thanks~
  2. Any way to embed Jupyter/iPython notebooks? It would be extremely useful for scientific users.
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