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  1. I just tried on that cult of mac page, and had lots of trouble getting it to clip as well. though if i just clicked + waited + clicked + waited etc for ~20s, then it finally ended up working w/o having to move it to a new tab position. it just takes a very long time and multiple clicks for it to get working it seems.
  2. Now it's working... ! Not sure what I did wrong the after the upgrade, but you're right it's working now. Glad the apple site isn't an actual break, but a restriction. Is there a way to show a small message "[Author name] has restricted the Evernote clipper on this page" or something so that I'll know next time if it's a bug I should report vs proper function? Thanks for the fixes!
  3. Just downloaded the dropbox link, and it's working on exchange bit link above, but still not working on: https://extensions.apple.com http://accent.gmu.edu Thanks!
  4. Were you able to repro on the other URLs mentioned in this thread? Seems much larger than just a few particular URLs
  5. I'm having a problem with the web clipper that seems to have started just today, possibly yesterday. When I click the evernote clipper button in Safari (Mac Mavericks), absolutely nothing happens a large percentage of the time. some URLs that this happens on: https://extensions.apple.com http://accent.gmu.edu https://www.exchangebitcoins.com/auth/login it does work on news.google.com, so the clipper is "working" sometimes, but for many many URLs recently absolutely nothing happens at all. Thanks
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