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  1. Hello, I may mis understand the idea of tag hierarchy. From what you said it sound like the ability to click a tag and see all of the notes with the sub tags.. Or something like that? What I meant by command and drag the tag was that in that was I was able to make a stack of tags. Similar to a note book stage. This helps organise what would otherwise be chaotic. HOWEVER... This command thing seems to be a fluke. It worked the first day but does not work now. Since then it seems to be completely hit or miss whether I can drag and drop a tag into another to make a stack...
  2. I have just read something that has worked for me. Hold command on mac and drag the tags into the hierarchy. On pc i think its control.
  3. chiming in to also have nested tags reinstated! I was just about to buy the premium version but this has seriously made me question that.
  4. It would be great if the tags selected could be high lighted. Its harder to create and understand the hierarchy without the tags showing you whats going on. Please fix this! My girlfriends windows version works fine. Bump and thanks!
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