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  1. Thanks for your help jefito. Gonna switch over to box for now, which seems to work just fine.
  2. No, it's not Evernote. Imported without any problems with the same process using a non-Onedrive folder. I'll have to tinker with Onedrive a bit a see if I can fix the issue.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has any experience using Evernote as a title abstractor/searcher? I have been tinkering with Evernote and Onenote for the past year in an attempt to become paperless. I started using a blend of GTD systems and filing system in EN based on file names and tags, this became overwhelming about the time our office went to Office365. I found Onenote allowed easier table creation (running adverse and creating forms) and tagging within the notes. The problem here was that I found myself digitizing more and producing less. So fast forward a few months and I am using EN to collect hand written notes, reports, and whatever else imported from a Onedrive folder. Even though I love my gadgets (ipad, laptop, scanner, phone, etc.) I really just need a intelligent place to store my work for later access. Well anyway that's my take, what's yours?
  4. When importing from a OneDrive folder I am getting multiple copies. Does this have something to do with the folder syncing to OneDrive? I also have OneDrive set to allow for offline viewing. Screenshot:
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