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  1. I use Evernote exclusively on my iPhone client (iOS 7, 4s model) and I only have a few dozen notes and it is sloooowwww. It ALWAYS blocks to synch when you first open it up after a while- why can't it let me type on my local copy and synch in the background? And opening up a note is also slow. Even closing a note is slow. Just slow all the way around. If the iPhone notes app did not lose my data frequently I would switch back to it.
  2. I have a similar issue on iOS 7 / iPhone 4s - when you go into edit mode on a note, if you edit an existing note say halfway down, each character you type OR a backspace selection will keep scrolling the page content up so eventually you are "typing blind" and you don't even see the canvas as you type anymore! Sucks. Seems to only act up if you try to add text to an existing note in the middle or end- at the beginning/top it doesn't have the problem, presumably because you are already at the top there is no more vertical scrolling space left?? It looks like the QA staff over at Evernote let this one get by and it is a big one!
  3. Peter thanks so much for posting this! The UI for this product is really lacking - I don't know what the product managers / UX staff are thinking over there, but this is a horrible design decision for how to restore a deleted note! Ugh.
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