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  1. I love Everything Evernote and have made it work in my home-based business, my family life and everywhere in between. I use all the tools - the scanner, stylus, apps and integrate it with my use of LiveScribe to manage my business client files. I am proud to have a paperless business and home office and know I could give some great feed back for new developments. I've even coached a few other women in business how to integrate it into their business family and business loves. I even wrote a past blog post early into my Evernote journey: http://michelecharlesgustafson.blogspot.ca/2013/06/get-organized-be-efficient-with.html. I still love it. So, if you're looking for a busy wife, mom, home-based business owner, community gal, etc. etc. who keeps her life together with Evernote, look me up! Would love to wave the brand banner! Sincerely, MicheleCG www.michelecharlesgustafson.com #Evernote #fangirl
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