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  1. I'm also running into problems the last couple of weeks: keep getting 'Internal error. Please, try again and contact Evernote support'. Both on Edge and Outlook. Please help, I use the clipper all the time! Bart
  2. Super-thanks for bringing back the Tags view! I'm confused about the behavoir of the Forward and Back buttons: Lately I've started to use these buttons more actively. I've noticed the Back button doesn't always bring be back to the previous Note (or View). When I long-press the Back button, the history also doesn't seem to be what I would expect it to be. This is my scenario: I have Note called Itinerary. This note contains links to various other hotel and flight reservation notes. When I'm in Itinerary and click on the note link for Flight1, it takes me to the note for Flight1. When I click Back, I go back to Itinerary (expected behaviour). Also, when I long-click on Back, it does show Itinerary in the history (expected behavior). Now - being back in Itinerary - and I click on the link for Flight2, it brings me to the note for Flight2 (so far so good). However, if I now click on Back, it will not bring me back to Itinerary, but to Flight1. Also, when I'm still in the note for Flight2 and long-press the Back button, the history shows me Flight1, and nothing after that. So it seems to have lost Itinerary. I can consistently reproduce this scenario. It also happens when I for instance go to the Tags View instead of another note. It also doesn't seem to matter if I edit one or all notes - the history still doesn't seem to be what I would expect it to be. So, either I misunderstand how these buttons are supposed to work. Or we have a bug?? Thanks for listening guys!
  3. Correct, welcome to the club. The old way was nice and quick. The new way is inefficient and quite annoying in my opinion.
  4. This works for searches, but not when you're adding tags to notes.
  5. Fair point. So what you suggest is that I put like a letter 'z' in front of my old-trip labels, so that they come up as bottom suggestions. I could do that. And to your point, it would allow me to just type in Madrid. I think you just changed my mind and substring search is the better option.
  6. Thanks for helping us figure out work-arounds/solutions. However, I think your technique doesn't work for me: I don't re-tag notes, I move a tag "project name" from it's parent "projects open" to a another parent "projects closed". Other than that I think your suggestions are useful for filtering out notes.
  7. I use a system very much like the one you are describing. Still I would like to have the all tags view back, because I regularly move tags(-hierarchies) from one parent to another. Example: move a project tag from parent "Projects Open" to "Projects Closed". With dozens of projects I now have to sit and wait for the whole list to (slowly) scroll by until I reach my destination. Plus the all tags view gave a much better overview. I mean, why not bring the all tags view back?
  8. I would love it to be user configurable. Currently I rely on "prefix" search for tags not to show up. In other words if "substring" search was introduced everywhere I would have way too many tags pop up. This is already a problem when I do a tag search in the new left pane. As an example: I have tags like "2016 06 Madrid" for all my trips (30+ per year). As soon as the trip is over, I prefix the tag with a period (like ".2016 06 Madrid") so that when I start typing 2016 not all my old trips start popping up.
  9. Your hierarchies can also be destroyed by simply moving them. I found this out the painful way. This is a side-effect of the new auto-select children feature, which has probably been introduced to assist with the new styling options. Whenever you select a parent tag, it's children will be selected automatically. As soon as you move the parent the whole tree will be flattened into an alphabetical list. The logic behind this still escapes me. This is destructive behaviour, without a clear intent from the user and with potential disastrous consequences that cannot be undone and therefore should be qualified as a bug. The way to avoid this is to de-select 'autoselect children' in the settings.
  10. I'm sorry to be such a whiner about the new way of handling tags. But I'm really starting to miss how the old search box worked. You could just start to type in the name of a tag and a list of applicable tags would appear. So nice and easy. Now, the search box only works for text searches. Sure, I know you can still search for tags. But it's way more cumbersome now. You either have to go to the Tags label in the left pane - which for me often involves scrolling up multiple pages because I have so many tags. Or you can expand the search box, click on the tags icon and search for a tag that way. But this involves more clicks than necessary in my opinion, plus the expanded search box takes up too much real estate anyway (what's the use case for being informed all-the-frikkin'-time about how many documents in the trash can fit your search criteria???). I know the old design wasn't perfect, but it was sooo much more efficient. The new design is prettier, but I would gladly trade it in for the old. This is, after all, supposed to be a productivity tool, right? Could we at least have a super-quick way to search for tags back? Thanks! PS: thanks for bringing back saved searches, that was awesome!
  11. Like JMichaelTX I'm also kind of stunned by this respone. The more robust tagging system is what used to set Evernote apart from, for example, OneNote. Tags are a much more powerful organizing principle than folders, but it seems Evernote is not appreciating / dogfooding this aspect as much as you'd expect. This was already visible in for instance the problematic handling of tags when sharing notes with other users. The current development is really concerning to me and makes me wonder about Evernote's vision for the product. I migrated to Evernote from Lotus Notes (which has a solid multi-user tagging system). I was really hoping not to have to go through another migration any time soon again.
  12. Gawd! Thanks for responding so quickly! You are right, that works. I still fail to see why it's obviously logical to flatten hierarchies when dragging multiple tags, but I guess that's just my ignorance. Did cost me a couple of perfectly good working hours. Thanks Evernote!
  13. It keeps doing it. I'm going to stop recreating my tag hierarchy until this is fixed - every move creates another new mess to clean up. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!
  14. Bug: When I drag a hierarchical tag tree to put this tree under another tag, it flattens the hierarchy! The hierarchy of the original tree is gone and I have to recreate it manually.
  15. We lost the hierarchical tag overview window. It used to be, when you clicked on the "Tags" label in the left bar, a window on the right side would show up with all your tags and their hierarchical organization. Now the only thing it does is put "tag:*" in the search bar. The loss of the overview window makes it much harder to work on the hierarchical organization of your tags. Dragging a tag along a long list of tags in the left bar is a PITA, when you have as many tags as I do. Please bring back the tag overview window. "tag:*" is a search I can do myself.
  16. Because we don't support hiDPI (yet). By turning on the system option to not scale, well, you can see why we don't support hiDPI yet. High DPI screens are quickly becoming the norm. Evernote is one of the last (productivity) applications not to support it. It looks unprofessional and is frankly kind of annoying. I would put it higher on the priority list.
  17. I found a dead certain way to loose a pdf import note: In an attempt to enlarge my note title font, I highlighted the title text, right-clicked to select Font..., changed the font size and clicked OK -> the pdf seems larger, when I click another note and then go back to the one I tried to change the font of the pdf is gone and the note seems empty. I can reproduce this with 100% certainty.
  18. I'm still having high DPI scaling issues (Thinkpad X1 Carbon hi res laptop). Without any Compatibility settings all fonts are big and fuzzy. I have to select "Disable display scaling on High DPI settings" to make it look nice and sharp. Since 5.9.0 however, the title font of my notes has become very small, smaller than most other fonts.
  19. Clipper freezes on this page: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Review-Lenovo-ThinkPad-X1-Carbon-Touch-20A8-003UGE-Ultrabook.111817.0.html Cipper version 6.1.1 Chrome 33.0.1750
  20. This should be relatively easy to improve: I name my trip/vacation notebooks "2014 08 Greece" for instance, to keep them sorted in order. When I type "Greece" in the Find a Notebook box nothing comes up. I need to start with "2014 .." etc. which a) is more work and gives me too many results. Keep up the good work guys!
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