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  1. Did the ability to create local notebooks get removed from Evernote? I have been using them for years. Now, when I go to File->New Notebook, It only gives me the option to create "Private" or "Shared". If I create a private notebook, then in my list of notebooks, all my other local notebooks are clearly marked as "Local on your Mac", but my newly created notebook is not marked as such. I refuse to use Evernote if I can't have local notebooks.
  2. Yes, I am absolutely sure this is a removed feature. Like I mentioned, I created new local folders each year (named with the year) and set the current year notebook as default. This year it won't let me set my 2017 local notebook as default. My scanner (ScanSnap) has an integration with Evernote to scan directly to a notebook. The scanned documents go to the default notebook. In previous years, it was fine. The scanned documents went straight to the correct notebook. Now I have to move them. I am a Mac user as well using the installed Evernote application. Local notebooks are key to my usage.
  3. This is another case where EverNote has removed another key feature. I have created new local notebooks each year for documents the I have scanned. Now that 2017 has arrived, I noticed that when I try to make my new 2017 local notebook the default, it won't do it. The "Notebook Settings" option is grayed out for local notebooks. My 2016 has been my default notebook all during 2016. Since these are scanned documents, I don't want them in an synced notebook. So my current mode of operation is to turn off automatic syncing. Then I have a synced default notebook that I scan my documents into. Then when I am done scanning, I have to move all the documents to my local 2017 notebook. It is absolutely dumb to have to do this. What does it hurt to be able to set any notebook as the default. Is it time to look for an alternative to Evernote?
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